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Scammers win trust by giving fake IDs and claiming to be army officers, then connecting to the account and laundering millions of rupees.

Beware of QR code fraud: 

UPI payments have made people's lives easier. This means that even if there are no notes in the pocket now, people can buy at will. At the same time, there is no risk of money falling out of pocket or being stolen. However, in the age of digital payments, hackers are also stealing by becoming high-tech. The only QR code you scan and pay for can be used to defraud you. Such cases are coming up to buy or sell goods from online platforms.

Cyber ​​expert Sunny Wadhwani says most frauds with QR codes occur when a buyer buys something and transfers money instead. Let's understand how this type of fraud is happening.

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is taking place on platforms like OLX and ebay . It includes websites including olx, ebay. The fraudster looks at the product on the website and calls to buy it. At the same time get ready to give the full amount of goods. He then pays up to Rs 500 for 10 or 20 rupees more trust. It then sends a QR code on the pretext that the amount has been overstated. So if the seller scans the code, the payment is found, but on the contrary, the customer falls into the trap of fraud. That means money is deducted from his account.


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Scans QR codes through social media
QR codes are shared on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. The fraudster asks to scan the QR code to get the money or take advantage of an offer, but instead of getting the money, people empty the money from their account.

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Asked to download an app
Fraudsters often ask you to download an unknown app in the name of a QR code. When the fake app is downloaded, the fraudster gets access to your mobile and device. They can then control any activity on your mobile. These include Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Bank Related and other app activity. The fraudster may also know your OTP after gaining access.


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Scammers claim to be Army officers Scammers have a reputation for committing
such frauds. Most scammers falsely identify themselves as Army officers. Or introduce a police or government official. They also create fake IDs for it. So people take their word for it and fall into their trap.

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Makeup artists also prey on
hacker photography service providers, makeup artists and other service industry professionals. For this they pay 50% in advance and ask to pay the remaining amount with QR code.

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