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Suratis turn to e-cars: 100 battery-powered cars sold in 10 days as petrol-diesel prices go up, 2 months waiting

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The trend of e-vehicles also increased with the benefit of government subsidies

In Surat, the craze of e-car, i.e. battery-powered car has increased. About 100 cars have been booked in just 10 days. On June 22, the state government announced an electrical vehicle policy of Rs 20,000 for bikes, Rs 50,000 for three-wheelers and Rs 1.50 lakh for four-wheelers, while also announcing free RTO registration.

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 Enthusiasm for electric vehicles has increased among the people. Within 10 days of the announcement of the electric policy, 100 electric cars have been booked in Surat. In addition, the electric car has been waiting for 2 months.


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There are three fast charging stations in the city. The
cars that are available in Surat can be charged at home. The battery is fully charged in 6 to 8 hours, but there are 3 fast charging stations in different places in the city, in which the car takes 1 hour to fully charge.

50% of electric cars will be delivered on the day of Ashadhi Beej Rathyatra.
Different models of e-cars have been launched in Surat by two car manufacturing companies. The two companies have booked more than 100 cars together, but about 50 of them will be delivered on the day of the unripe seed.

There is
a lot of inquiries for electric cars , says Rahul Tripathi, South Gujarat sales manager of a car dealer. Now the future belongs to the battery-powered car, with which people have turned to the battery-powered car. There is a trend of anger among the people. Subsidies have been announced by the government, which is turning people to the use of e-cars as it benefits them.

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