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Surgical masks can be used again after double masking, know the right way to disinfect it

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According to the new guideline, double masking is being advised to avoid serious infection of the corona. Double masking means wearing two masks at once. It has a surgical mask and a clothing mask. Clothing masks are reusable. This means that it can be washed and re-worn, but the surgical mask cannot be washed, so most people avoid wearing it, as people consider it a single use mask, but this is not the case, surgical masks can also be reused.

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Use for double masking after seven days
According to the guideline of the Surgical Mask Center, the surgical mask used for single masking can be used only once. It cannot be washed, but the surgical mask can be used 5 times on double masking. Keep the surgical mask used in double masking in a dry place for seven days, keep it in the sun as needed. After seven days you can reuse this mask for double masking.

the mask in a paper envelope According to a research published in The Lancet, the risk of coronavirus is only 0.1 percent after keeping the surgical mask in a paper for seven consecutive days. According to this research, keep the surgical mask closed for seven days in a paper envelope. Then use this mask for double masking.

If you used a surgical mask for single masking, you cannot reuse it.

Do double masking this way


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According to experts, a surgical mask and a cloth mask are good options for double masking. First tie the elastic knot of the surgical mask and fold it towards the inside of the edge. Apply a surgical mask and adjust its pin well on the nose. Apply a cloth mask over this mask.

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