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Temperatures in Canada hovered at 49 degrees, killing 233 people, spraying on roads, people said, never seen such a thing; Find out why this is happening

Dangerous heat:  

Homes do not have air conditioners, the government has built a cooling center where people can spend the night

Historic heatwaves in the Pacific Northwest region of the Americas, the state of British-Columbia, and Canada have broken all records. Portland, Idaho, Oregon and East Washington are also reeling from the effects of the once-in-a-thousand-year-old Heat Dome. 


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The temperature in Canada was 49.6 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. This is breaking all records for the last 3 days. The city of Lytton in British Columbia also recorded a temperature of 47.5 degrees. Locals said this had never happened.

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In Canada, heatwaves have killed more than 233 people in the past four days, including more than 130 in Vancouver alone. Sudden deaths have also increased in the Burnaby and Surrey areas. Most of the dead were people who had health problems and were elderly. Hundreds of thousands of people in Oregon and Washington are also facing power cuts. British Columbia Premier John Horgan called it the hottest week ever.

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According to Lisa Lapoint, chief forensic medicine officer in Canada, the heatstroke started last week. The British Columbia Department of Forensic Medicine then reported an increase in deaths. 130 deaths have been reported in four days.

People reacted by saying they had never seen anything like it.


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Vaccination Centers Shut Down
Canada's Environment Department has issued an alert. In it, he said the long-running dangerous heat wave would continue this week. The U.S. National Weather Service also said people should stay in cool places. Schools and vaccination centers in Vancouver have been closed due to the heat. Public transport is blocked in Portland.

Cinema hall full with AC

Water fountains have been installed on the roads, people can get wet here.
The houses here do not have air conditioners. The government has set up a cooling center where people can spend the night.

The covid ban on swimming pools has been lifted so people can pass the time.
People are moving to air-conditioned hotels. All the cinema halls with AC are also running full show.

According to Al Jazeera, 500 people have lost their lives in 5 days. The houses here do not have air conditioners. The government has set up a cooling center where people can spend the night.

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