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The bride did the same thing in her own wedding that the video went viral on social media - after watching this video

Many videos often go viral on social media. There will be many videos that you will be scared to watch, but there are some videos that will win our hearts. Then some videos are funny. While many videos are inspirational or instructive. That's when a funny video went viral on social media. You will laugh out loud after watching this video.

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Funny videos and photos on social media often go viral on social media. We can't stop laughing at that. Sometimes funny and bizarre videos of weddings and grooms also go viral. One such video is now going viral, which you can't stop laughing at. 

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This video is of the bride, in which she is seen wearing a garland and mungat made of panipuri.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

People are liking this video which is going viral. In the video you can see that a girl is sitting and she is wearing Panipuri garland and also she is wearing Panipuri mungat. In addition you can see that a meal is placed on the table in front of the bride, around which Panipuri is decorated.

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The number of Panipuri ornaments worn by the bride in the viral video is even higher. The video is rapidly going viral on social media. This video has been liked by over 1 million people so far. People are also making a lot of funny comments on the video.

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