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The doctor removed something from the dragon's stomach that the eyes could not believe - watch the video

Occasionally there are surprises on social media. A similar incident is currently taking place. The hungry python often eats something that it cannot normally eat. This only happens in rare cases but this is an animal thing. Which are rarely seen.

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Something similar happened in Sydney. You may have heard many times that the giant python ate the whole deer but now the video is going viral on social media. This is what the doctor removed from the dragon's stomach. Seeing which, people are laughing out loud. Even the veterinarians are amazed to see this.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

According to the information received, the total length of this python is 3 meters and it is only 18 years old. This is a pet python. Her owner saw her eating a towel and took her to a veterinarian. Because, after eating the towel, the condition of this python became very bad and it became like an idiot.

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The doctor then operated immediately and removed the long blue towel from her abdomen. Currently, the video of this incident has become the center of attraction of people in social media. The dragon's name is Monty. It is a forest carpet species python. Doctors are appearing in this video with great diligence.

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That’s how the towel is pulled out of this dragon’s stomach. Doctors say that the condition of this python is good now. The video was then also posted on social media. A lot of people have loved this video.

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According to the doctor, the towel was going deep into her stomach. The towel was pulled out of the gastrointestinal tract with the help of an endoscope. However, if the towel had remained in his stomach in time, the python could have died.

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