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The footover bridge on the riverfront will be unveiled in December, the sports complex is nearing completion, and will now be three skyscrapers 92 meters high

Shaan of Ahmedabad: 

These tallest buildings in the city will also be given FSI considering the size of the plot
A total of 28 companies, including the Educational Institute, showed interest in the project


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The development of Ahmedabad city is now moving towards new heights. In the near future, buildings with a height of 92.4 meters and up to 22 storeys will also be constructed in the Sabarmati riverfront area. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, in consultation with the developers, has given in-principle approval for the construction of three such buildings between Tagore Hall on the west bank of the riverfront and the event center. The footover bridge on the riverfront with this skyscraper will be unveiled in December. In addition, work on a sports complex with 4 cricket pitches and 4 tennis courts is nearing completion.

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The 22-storey 3 buildings will be
constructed in the west bank area of ​​the riverfront. The 92.4 meter high buildings that will be constructed in the west bank area of ​​the riverfront will have 22 floors. Each floor will be 4.2 meters high. One of the multi-storey buildings to be constructed will have a mall in one building and an educational institute in the other, sources said. Considering the size of the plot in these buildings, FSI Will also be provided.

Work on the riverfront-style sports complex is nearing completion.

Sports complex with 4 cricket pitches, 4 tennis courts is nearing

Work on the city's ambitious sports complex on the riverfront is nearing completion. The sports complex, which will be constructed at a cost of over Rs 25 crore, will be unique not only for Ahmedabad but also for Gujarat. The sports complex will also have 4 pitches for cricket practice and 4 tennis courts. There will also be a pitch of 4 basketballs. The place will also have a skateboard system. There will also be synthetic jogging-tracks. There will be a special open gym for the youth and a play area for the children. There will be a unique complex that can accommodate such a large number of sports activities in a single complex.

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The footover bridge will be inaugurated in December
. It has also been decided to launch it before next December. Some special features have also been added to make this foot bridge attractive for pedestrians and cyclists on the Sabarmati Riverfront.

The completed footover bridge on the riverfront will be unveiled in December.

Pedestrians, cyclists will be able
to move around. An art culture gallery will be set up on the footover bridge. A food center will be set up and multilevel car parking will also be set up at the west and east ends of the footover bridge. 


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This iconic footover bridge is 300 meters long and can be used by pedestrians and cyclists from both the west and east ends. Construction of the footover bridge was started in late 2019, but due to long delays due to the Corona period, construction will be completed before next December and will also be inaugurated in December.

Children's Play Area, Food Plaza, Green Belt will be prepared at both the ends
. About 11.5 km from both the banks to Indira Bridge. It has been decided to extend the project under Phase-II, so that the total length on both sides is now 34 km. 

Will happen. Stepping promenades on both sides of the river, road network, active green parks and residential and commercial type development works will be included. To make Riverfront Phase-2 more green, it will have facilities like planting green trees at different levels on both the banks of the river, children's play area, food plaza, arts and culture, seating arrangements at different levels for health as well as people.

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