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The government educates millions of students by buying old-new TVs in partnership, not the government's concern for students

New initiative: 

A new concept started by Dahod teachers during Corona period became popular all over the state.
Seeing the performance of the teachers, the parents of the private school got admission in the government school

For the last one and a half years, schooling for students in the Corona period has stopped. The government is providing online education through Vande Gujarat and Doordarshan. However, there are students from many areas in Gujarat who do not have the infrastructure to study in this way. Without expecting any help from the government, the primary school teachers of Dablara and Bhintodi villages in the tribal areas of Dahod have been educating the students by introducing the concept of street education by arranging TV, cable and internet at their own expense and from the people.

This new concept which started a year ago has started today in the districts of Gujarat including Dahod, Aravalli, Surendranagar, Ahmedabad. Today, many teachers in Gujarat are adopting this concept and working from their own pockets so that students are not deprived of education. The arrangements that the government has to make are being made by the government school teachers on their own and with the participation of the people.

Shankar Katara, a teacher at Bhintodi School teaching students.

The campaign started by two teachers has spread across the state. The work done
voluntarily by the teachers of Dahod district regarding street education and online education has been a success. Shankar Katara, a teacher at Bhintodi Primary School in Fatehpura taluka, says he started teaching children last year by assembling old TVs. 

After learning about this concept, this year Ravindra Prajapati, a primary school teacher from Dablara village, collected old TVs to teach online in Phalia. Ravindra Prajapati says that he is teaching the students in the area where the TV is convenient. Not only that, but apart from TV, children are taught directly by going to their pods and choosing a specific place.

Ravindra Prajapati, a teacher at Dablara School.

Education to 2 lakh students in
Dahod with the help of 435 old-new TVs Dahod District Primary Education Officer Mehul Parikh while talking to Divyabhaskar said that online classes of DD, Vande Gujarat are being run in the district through 435 TVs, which are benefiting 2 lakh students.

 Since the parents of most of the students do not have mobiles, people have collaborated and the teachers have arranged TV, DTH in the village falias on their own, as well as teaching directly in the falias of the village. Inspired by this experiment of teachers, retired teachers of the district gave 6 new TVs.

Teachers of Jodhpur Primary School in Ahmedabad are also teaching under Sheri School.

The government
has not allocated any budget for online education. No special budget has been allocated for online education in government schools when schools are closed during the Corona period. According to the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan official, TV and internet facilities are available in every government school, but no specific grant has been allotted for online education.

Jayant Satwara, a teacher from Jetapur village, teaches the students.

Ahmedabad district also started the trend of street education concept.
There are 695 government primary schools in Ahmedabad in which 1.5 lakh students are studying. Due to problems in mobile or internet connection in the villages of Antriyal taluka, teachers in Dholka, Sanand taluka are teaching children near the temple premises or Chora in the village near their home. Jayant Sathwara, a teacher from Jetapur village in Viramgam, is teaching his school children by arranging a black board and laptop in his car. In Dhandhuka's Raika, students are taught by sitting on a fence. Apart from this all the school teachers are going and teaching to the students of their school.

Teacher Mittalben Patel giving street education at students' homes.

Teacher recharges students in
Aravalli The Aravalli district primary education officer told Divyabhaskar that there are a total of 1239 government primary schools in the district, where more than 73,000 children are benefiting from street education. Interestingly, Mittalben Patel, a Gabt CRC teacher from Byad taluka, teaches mathematics and science. Those whose parents are not in a good financial position recharge 6 mobiles every month, so that 5-6 students can study online in one mobile. Mittal Patel says that since the guardians are on day labor, the students get mobiles at night, at which time they teach the students at night, besides teaching the students through new experiments.

Street school in Raika village of Dhandhuka.

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Talking to Divyabhaskar , Surendranagar District Primary Education Officer Mitaben Gadhvi said that street education is being imparted in 860 government primary schools in all the talukas. Since online education is a big challenge due to the hinterland and desert area, teachers are going to teach in the student area, which is being welcomed by the parents.

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