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The highest number of UPI transactions took place in June from PhonePay, with PhonePay at No. 1 with 46% market share

PhonePay dominates half the market: 

In June, 129.27 crore PhonePay users made UPI transactions. The figure was 114.98 crore in May
Google Pay increased transactions by 9.16 million in one month, but the company's market share fell 0.04%.

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NPCI (Nation Payments Corporation of India) has released UPI transaction figures for June. According to the latest figures, the PhonePay app topped the list with 46.04% market share. The company's UPI transactions have increased by 0.77% compared to May. This list is followed by Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon Pay and Yes Bank.

The number of UPI transactions from PhonePay increased. In
June, 129.27 crore users of PhonePay made UPI transactions. The figure was 114.98 crore in May. This means that the number of transactions on the monthly app increased by 14.28 crore. There were 324 million more UPI transactions on PhonePay compared to Google Pay, which was in second place.

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Google Peno market share declines
Google Pay users made 88.05 crore transactions in June. The figure was 97.11 crore in May. That means 9.16 crore transactions increased in one month. However, the company's market share fell 0.04%. Google Peno market share was 34.63% in June as against 34.67% in May. According to NPCI, a total of Rs 2,07,287.73 crore was transacted through the Google Pay app in June.


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Paytm Transactions and Market Share
Increased Paytm App, which is ranked third, saw an increase in transactions. There were 29.06 crore UPI transactions in May, up from 32.65 crore in June. That means an increase of 3.58 crore in its transactions. The company had a market share of 11.63% in June. The company's market share rose 0.18% in June compared to May.

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Pay lost 7% of transactions The Amazon Pay app ranked fourth on the list of UPI transactions. However, the number of transactions decreased by 7.01 million. The company's app had 58.35 million transactions in May. It fell to 51.34 million in June. So the market share of the company was 1.83%. Yes Bank's app list is number five. It had 24.72 million transactions in June and had a market share of 0.88%.

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