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The number of positive cases reached 143399, the death toll remained stable at 2113 and a total of 141214 patients recovered.

Corona Surat LIVE: 

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The number of active cases in the city district was 72

According to Surat Municipal Corporation, the number of positive cases of corona in Surat city district has reached 143399. With this the death toll from Corona in the city district has stabilized at 2113. Last day, 08 patients from the city beat Corona and were discharged. So far 141214 patients in the city district have recovered by beating the corona.

The incidence of
corona in Surat city district is coming under control. A further 09 cases of corona were reported positive in the city district with 09 cases in the city and 0 cases in the district last day. 

The city district has seen a steady decline in positive cases of corona and a steady decline in active cases with the number of patients recovering. The number of active cases in the city district has come down to 72.

6 new cases of Mucker, 1 death
03 new patients of Mucker were admitted to the hospital for treatment on Thursday. Mucker's 49 patients are admitted to the Civil and Schmeier Hospitals. 04 surgeries were performed in Civil and Schmeier. 

So far 485 surgeries have been performed. 289 patients have been discharged from government hospitals. One patient admitted to Schmeier Hospital for treatment of mucormycosis has died. So far 61 patients have died in civil and smear.

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