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The single dose of the vaccine is very effective against other strains, including the Delta variant, and maintains immunity for up to 8 months.

Johnson & Johnson's claim: 

The vaccine is 85 percent effective, as well as preventing hospitalization and death

The whole world is annoyed by the delta variant of coronavirus. Health experts say the variant is so contagious and strong that the vaccine is not having much effect on it. However each vaccine company has its own claims on the Delta variant. Now Johnson & Johnson claims that its single dose Covid-19 vaccine is very effective on the Delta variant and other strains of the virus.

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Eight months of immune
response Johnson & Johnson says its vaccine provides longer double protection against infection. According to the company's data, people who have received the vaccine have seen an immune response for at least eight months. The company says its vaccine is 85 percent effective. At the same time it saves from hospitalization and death.

Eight months of data suggest that Johnson & Johnson's single-shot vaccine produces strong neutralizing antibodies, which increase over time, said Dr. Mathai Maiman, Johnson & Johnson's head of research.

Strong neutralizing antibody against all variants The
company says the data found strong neutralizing antibodies against all variants, including Delta, in Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients. The company has submitted its vaccine data in the form of preprints on bioRxiv. However this study has not yet been reviewed.


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According to the WHO, the Delta variant of the Corona is now slowly spreading to many countries. About 117 people have died from the Delta variant in Britain so far, according to data from Public Health England. The dead included 109 people over the age of 50. There are also 50 people who have had both doses of the vaccine.

The WHO has issued a stern warning on the Delta variant
, according to data released a few days ago in the UK. However estrogena can save up to 60 percent from this lethal variant.

A study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US has also revealed that India Biotech's covacin is very effective. NIH says covacin can also effectively defeat alpha and delta variants of Covid-19.

The WHO issued a stern warning on the Delta variant, saying that even people who have been fully vaccinated need to be vigilant. People who have had two doses of the vaccine also wear masks, maintain physical distance, and pay special attention to hand hygiene.

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