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The soul will tremble after watching the video

Many videos often go viral on social media. There will be many videos that you will be scared to watch, but there are some videos that will win our hearts. Then some videos are funny. While many videos are inspirational or instructive. This video, which is currently going viral, is a bit strange. You will also get angry when you see that.

ALSO RAEAD આ મજૂરના ડાન્સનો વિડીયો જોઈ તમે દુનિયાના સારા-સારા ડાન્સરને ભૂલી જશો

This video is a bit strange in which a rat is being punished. You will be stunned to see how to kill this rat. The video was shared by IPS Rupin Sharma from his official Twitter account. People are getting annoyed watching this video.

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ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો  

 In the video you can see that the rat's hands and feet are tied with ropes and they are being threatened by a person. At the same time this person is repeatedly killing rats. A question arises from this video as to why this kind of punishment is being given.

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Posting the 30-second video, IPS Rupin Sharma wrote in the caption, "Animal lovers will not like the punishment for killing this rat." The question also arises as to how appropriate it is to inflict such punishment on an animal.

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People are expressing their displeasure after seeing this video which is rapidly going viral on the internet. There have been mixed reactions to this video. One user wrote, ‘This kind of behavior with animals is reprehensible’, while the same user wrote, ‘Why rats don’t know why they are being tortured’.

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