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The three chariots, including Lord Jagannath, traveled 5 km. Sailors ready to run at a speed of one hour, can return to Nijmandir in less than 5 hours

Rathyatra @ 144: 

A meeting of sailors will be held in two days
The names of 120 sailors will be decided in the meeting and given to the temple

The Rathyatra of Lord Jagannathji was held at the temple premises last year due to the Koro epidemic. However, the temple and the government are making full preparations for the 144th Rathyatra of Lord Jagannath this year. In view of Corona's condition, a quick rathyatra is planned to return to the temple in the presence of a limited number of people so that there is no more crowd. Sources said that the sailors have been instructed to return to the Nijmandir after a quick rath yatra. 5 km It is being planned to run the chariot at the speed of one hour and complete the rathyatra. Pulling the chariot through the tractor can damage the chariot and get stuck in some places so that the sailors have to pull the chariot.


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Rathyatra can return to
Nijmandir in less than 5 hours Sailor Kaushalbhai said in a conversation with DivyaBhaskar that the rath yatra can not be pulled by tractor in any way. The chariot can only be carried by hand. The sailors are ready to pull the chariot fast. If the chariot moves without crowds and people, 5 km. Preparations have been made to run at a speed of one hour, in which only two to three places can take a five minute break and in less than 5 hours the rathyatra can return to Nijmandir.

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Out of
1200, 120 experienced and healthy sailors will be selected. A meeting of community leaders will be held in two days to decide which sailors to take 120 out of 1200 in which we will decide which sailors will take part in pulling the chariot. 


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People who are physically healthy and have been vaccinated and have more experience in pulling chariots will be included in the chariot pulling list.

4 wheels in all chariots The
chariots of God were made in the year 1950. All the chariots are made of acacia wood. In which iron plates have been placed between all the wheels to increase the strength. 

If the chariot moves at high speeds and the wheels fall into a 1-foot pit, the chances of breaking are high. So that even a very fast chariot cannot be run properly. Not once since 1992 have the wheels of God's chariot been broken. In 1990, Jagannath and Subhadraji's chariot had 12 wheels. Balbhadraji's chariot had 16 wheels. The latter has 4 wheels laid in all the chariots.

Immediate repairs can be made if there is a defect in the
wheels. Immediate repairs can be made if there is a defect in the wheels during the rathyatra.

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