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The young man who promised to marry you was marrying another young woman; The young woman roared at the wedding venue, having lived in a live-in for three years

Girl's roar at boyfriend's wedding: 

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Sona Babu ... Sona Babu, the young lady kept crying outside the wedding venue
The girl did not lodge a complaint despite being told by the police

In the city of Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh, a young woman reached the wedding garden of her lover and got into a commotion. 

The gates of the wadi were closed. The young lady was crying and calling her lover groom for a babu-show. She kept knocking on the door, but the guard and the young man's family pushed her away. The commotion continued for half an hour in front of the farm.

Women SI Shraddha Rajput and policemen rushed to the wedding garden from Kotwali police station on learning of the incident. 

He put the girl in the car and asked the reason for the uproar. The girl said that the lover and they had been living like husband and wife for 3 years. Now she secretly married someone else without informing anyone.

The SI girl said she would complain if she wanted further investigation, but she refused to make any complaint. After that, the girl was going to Bhopal on a bike with a young man she knew. The girl is a resident of Kanpur. The young man he married is a resident of a village in Hoshangabad district. Both were co-workers in a company in Bhopal.

The girl said that they had been living together as husband and wife for 3 years. Whenever a young woman asked for marriage, the young man always said that he would marry her, but in the end, the young man married another young woman without informing the young woman or anyone else.

The girl did not lodge any complaint. The girl is a
resident of Kanpur and is currently residing in Bhopal. Recognizes the young man for 3 years. He made no complaint, so no further action was taken.
Shraddha Rajput, SI, Kotwali Police Station, Hoshangabad.

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