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This is how people fool the power department officials, this brother's cleverness in stealing electricity came out in a few minutes.

Thus, power theft has become a major problem not only in Uttar Pradesh but in the entire country. Despite the many types of action, people are still stealing illegal electricity connection pairs. If caught stealing electricity, they can be jailed with heavy fines.

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 But many people steal electricity without fear of the law. A similar incident has come up from Ghaziabad. A video here is currently going viral. In which people steal electricity with cunning, although the authorities caught them red-handed.

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The video of the illegal power theft case is currently going viral on social media. People are going crazy laughing after watching this video. However, after watching this video, some people are also instructing the people who are stealing electricity to learn a lesson from this.

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 The incident took place in Muradnagar in Ghaziabad district, where power department officials came for a surprise check. Then there was a man from the same area who was illegally taking a connection to his home. However, when he was informed that the officers had arrived, he thought of cutting off the connection in secret, but at the same time, the officers came and the brother was caught stealing.

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You can watch the video of this person, as if a lizard was sitting on the wall trying to hide and steal, this person was also looking at the electricity department and was trying to cut the connection. The brother was hiding and thinking of cutting off the connection. However, he did not even have an idea in his mind, that the officer from whom he was doing this work in disguise, was watching him from the side ceiling. Officers filmed him from the roof. Seeing the officers like this, the man got annoyed and started apologizing after coming to the line in a few link 

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You will laugh a lot after watching this video. But friends, be careful that we do not steal electricity. The government will suffer if we do not pay the electricity bill, so keep paying the electricity bill and warn the people about electricity theft and instruct the people not to steal electricity.

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