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Thursday Horoscope

Thursday Horoscope:Good day for 3 zodiac signs including two auspicious yogas, Aries

Two auspicious yogas, the day normal for 7 zodiac signs including Aquarius due to the shadow of Saturn-Ketu on the moon
Good day for Aries, Cancer-Dhan zodiac, Leo-Libra zodiac to handle the job

On Thursday, July 29, there are two auspicious yogas named Sukarma and Chhatra. At the same time the shadow of Saturn and Ketu falls on the moon. The day will be normal for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces. People of this zodiac sign will be accompanied by a planetary constellation in jobs and business, but there will be difficulties in work and expenses are likely to increase.

The day is good for Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. New work will be planned. The day will be better for the natives than job and business. Leo and Libra to handle jobs and business. Controversy and loss are becoming yoga.

On Thursday, July 29, the well-known astrologer Dr. According to your zodiac sign according to Ajay Bhambi.

Positive: There will be plans for new tasks and there will be proper collaboration to give it a concrete form. Today you will find the comfort you were looking for. Your sweet and sociable dealings with people will brighten your image.

Negative: Your hand will be tight in financial matters. It also takes a lot of hard work to prove yourself right now. Decisions made in a hurry can prove to be wrong. That is why it is necessary to maintain instinct and caution.

Occupation: Make the most of your ability and potential in the workplace. One of your dreams is about to come true soon. Unexpected success in commission and insurance related work is yoga.

Love: Ego-like conditions can occur in marital relationships. Do not allow outsiders to interfere in household affairs.

Health: Seasonal changes can cause fever. Seek medical attention immediately without negligence.



Positive: Spend some time with yourself by sharing family responsibilities with family members. Today you will meet people who will be of great benefit to you going forward. The student may be selected for a school or college activity.

Negative: Don't waste too much time thinking too much. Because any important work will be lost due to it. There will be no bank or investment related work. There will also be an atmosphere of scarcity in economic matters.

Business: Business activities will continue to run smoothly . Work hard to achieve the goals you want to achieve in the workplace. Success will surely come to you. Office activities seem to be completed on time.

Love: Family relationships will be sweet. Intimacy will also be maintained in love relationships.

Health: Headaches, cervical problems will be annoying. Avoid stressful situations.


Positive: At the beginning of the day, try to finish your special tasks. A visit with a dear friend will make the mind happy. Your favorite item will be received as a gift through a special relationship.

Negative: Getting an unpleasant news in the afternoon can create an atmosphere of sadness in the house. It is important to have a strong morale this time. Now is not a good time to invest in any policy etc.

Business: You will maintain your dominance in the workplace . Women will be more aware of their business and will also achieve success. Your rude behavior can cause a key employee to leave the job. Keep this in mind.

Love: Husband-wife relationship will be sweet. The effect of a love affair can be to derail a home car.

Health: Health will be good. Stay away from causes that cause excessive stress.



Positive: There will be peace of mind today due to the removal of any major awkwardness . There will also be a solution to any problem due to the guidance of experienced people. Now is the time to move forward with a previously thought out plan. Blessings and cooperation from the elders of the house will be available.

Negative: Do not give unsolicited advice in other people's affairs, otherwise a new problem may arise for you. Ignoring your personal tasks will also lead to spending time helping others, but it will have a negative impact on your work.

Business: Related Businesses can get important news by phone. The workload will be higher. But with good results, all the fatigue will go away. People working in a multinational company are likely to get a promotion soon.

Love: Any small affair between husband and wife can be upsetting. Bring maturity into your nature.

Health: There is a need to be health conscious. Also take care of your food and drink and rest.



Positive: - An innovative item or an electric item can be purchased at home. Land related work will progress. With courage and adventure difficult work can be done easily.

Negative: - There may be a quarrel with a related person. Don't pay too much attention to negative things. There will be trouble due to shortage in the economic situation. At this point young people need to focus on their goal.

Occupation: - Job seekers need to be careful.

Love: - Family atmosphere will be pleasant.

Health: - Not eating proper food can cause liver problems.


Girls: -

Positive: - Information obtained through media and sources today makes work easier. Women will easily complete their household and business chores. Focus on individual tasks.

Negative: - There will be concern about the health of the parents. Be careful when communicating. Your misrepresentation can only aggravate the problem.

Vyavasayah business running struggle to get relief.

Love: - The atmosphere at home will be good, there will be a romantic atmosphere between husband and wife.

Health: - Excessive use of Ayurveda.


Libra: -

Positive: - The whole day will be spent in the get-together program with friends. There will be peace of mind and body. Get the right advice for your child's career.

Negative: - Do not spoil the relationship with neighbors. It can tarnish your image in society. Things will get better over time.

Business : - The business situation is getting better at the moment.

Love: - Family life will be good.

Health: - Negative thoughts will affect your work. Do some meditation.


Scorpio: -

Positive: -Listen to the expectations of others and the mind of the father before doing any work. Religious sentiments will grow.

Negative: - Pay attention at home as well as at work. Your negligence will make the family unhappy.

Occupation: - Respect the advice of employees. Their confidence will grow. Employed people maintain good relations with higher officials.

Love: - The atmosphere of the house will be pleasant. There can be distance in a love relationship.

Health: - Excessive work and stress will cause headaches and stomach aches.



Positive: - Spend time doing something new than routine work. Doing so will give you new energy. The condition of the planet is good at this time. Make good use of it.

Negative: - Coming out of an old issue will be stressful . Paying more attention to the career of the youth.

Vyavasayah find success marketing work. Most of the work will be done from home. You will be busy with office work.

Love: - Marriage will be sweet. The boyfriend / girlfriend will get a chance to date.

Health: - To take care of the health of the elderly at home. Otherwise the condition can get serious.


Positive: - The income situation will be good at this time. Spending some time with spiritual and senior people will be very comfortable. A close relative will also have the opportunity to participate in a religious program.

Negative: - Avoid interfering in anyone's personal affairs . This can cause sourness in the relationship. If a plan is being drawn up to deal with the property, it is advisable to postpone it for now.

Occupation: - If there is any problem in the field, the cooperation of brothers or close friends is required. With his advice you will get rid of many problems. Do not undertake any kind of illegal work. Otherwise you may get in trouble.

Love: - The family atmosphere will be pleasant. Meeting friends will bring back old memories.

Health: - Health will be good. But protect yourself from the changing weather.


Aquarius: -

Positive: - Today a dear friend may need financial help. Doing so will make you happy later. Spend some time in your hobby or in the tasks of your choice. It will make you feel positive. There will be no good news from the offspring.

Negative: - Unnecessary expenses can ruin a household budget. Need to work with a little caution. Do not allow any outsider to interfere in family matters.

Vyavasayah business will receive the correct result of your hard work and assiduously

Love: - Maintaining proper harmony in home and business due to poor health of partner.

Health: - Skin related allergies may increase.


Mean: -

Positive: - It's a great time to complete a long-engaged family job. There could be a relocation plan. There will also be important discussions with a close friend.

Negative: - Do not delay in starting plans for the future of the child. Hanging out with friends will keep your important work from getting stuck. Prioritize your work at this time.

Business : - Business activity will remain the same, but no changes will be made at present. Working class people have to change the way they work.

Love: - Marital life will be happy . The love affair will be good.

Health: - There will be concern about the health of the head of the household. Health will be better if you take precautions.

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