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What a waste of time: A 70-year-old man who fell under a train survived like this - you will be shocked to see the video

An elderly man suddenly appeared on a railway track in a welfare area near Mumbai on Sunday. Seeing this, the driver of the Mumbai-Varanasi special train applied the emergency brake. Emergency brakes were applied but the old engine was trapped.

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Railway personnel on learning of the incident immediately rushed to the spot and pulled out the old man. The elderly are currently safe. They are currently being handed over to their families. From this whole incident it can be said that even time could not spoil this old man.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

According to information received, the Mumbai-Varanasi train was passing through Kalyan railway station in Thane district of Maharashtra in the afternoon. A 70-year-old man collided with a train while crossing the track. The driver immediately saw this and hit the emergency brakes, even though the old man was trapped under the engine. After seeing this, they were taken out.

An accident could have occurred if the emergency brake had not been applied in time. But the old man survived because the train driver took a timely break. Central Railway has also given a prize of Rs 2,000 each to three employees who saved the lives of the elderly.

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Following the incident, the railways have also issued a consultant saying that it is dangerous to cross the railway track so as not to cross it. Such accidents often occur while crossing the track. Thousands of lives have been lost so far in this negligence. So one should be careful while crossing the railway track forever and others should also be careful.

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