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Two Pune friends started a ready-to-cook food startup in the last lockdown, now with a turnover of Rs 1.5 lakh per month

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Working professionals or bachelors often face lunch and dinner related problems. Many people are unable to cook due to job-occupation so they have to go to dine in hotels. Students studying away from home also face such problems. The problem was exacerbated during Corona, when the hotel was closed.


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To address this problem, Pune-based Akanksha and Khushboo started their own startup a year ago, marketing products on a ready-to-cook model that could be ready in a very short time. Despite one lockdown after another, they do business worth Rs 1.5 lakh per month.

Khushboo, 30, is a professional CA, while Aspiration, 27, has taken a course in fashion designing. Both are neighbors.

Hard to cook as soon as you go to the office

Khushboo, 30, is a professional CA and Akanksha has taken a course in fashion designing.

Aspiration said we both do jobs. We had the stress of cooking before and after going to the office every morning. Often we would eat in the canteen or in the hotel if we did not have time.

“One day while we were talking normally, the topic of cooking came up,” Khushboo said. We both faced difficulties in cooking. We felt that many people like us would have such a problem, so we decided to start a food business on a professional level.

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two researched together for a few days after starting the business of making Idli-Dhonsa Better , they came up with a method that could prepare some nutritious and delicious food in less time. After sampling different products and doing lab tests, the two quit their jobs and started their own business called Just Cook. He started the business as Idli-Dhonsa's Better.


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The Corona epidemic was at its peak at this time. He, too, often had difficulty obtaining resources, but his business was boosted by lockdowns and epidemics. People who were not able to cook started buying this product. Our product does not contain any chemical.

Aspiration gets a good response from the market.

Starting with a budget of Rs 5 lakh,
Khushboo said, "We started this business from scratch." We have been renting a warehouse in Pune since the demand for our product increased. We also hired people here and registered the company and took the license. Our Rs 5 lakh was used in all these processes.

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However we managed to recover this amount in a short period of time. We have now also received a fund of Rs 20 lakh. Gradually our customers and revenue are growing. We have reached over 10 thousand customers in the last one year. Right now we have 5 products, such as Dhokla, Idli Dhonsa Better, Healthy Snacks, Sauce. A team of 7 people is working with us.

Akanksha and Khushboo are jointly marketing five products in the country.


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Marketed on social media
We shared the product with our friends and then asked them to post on social media as well. Thus, over time, people joined us and our business started. Mouth to Mouth Publishing made a significant contribution to the publicity of this business.

Then we started online marketing. Customers can also purchase our product from Amazon, Flipkart and WhatsApp. Recently we have given retailership to many people. More than 15 supermarkets also sell our product. Many other traders are also in our contact.

This product is sold in more than 15 super malls.

What is this ready-to-cook food like?
Ready to cook, which means it doesn't take much time to make, like we have to make idli, we have to make it better first. It only takes hours to make this batter, but if you use this product it will become better and idli in a matter of minutes. Similarly, products like sauces are also sold quickly.

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The Corona period has seen a sharp increase in demand for ready-to-cook food. A report found that the ready-to-cook kebab, marinated meat and seafood business has seen double-digit growth in the past year. According to RedSeer Consulting and Research, the Corona epidemic prevented people from going out to eat, so people began spending more on such food items. Sales of ready-to-cook food have increased by 61%. Sales of Idli's Better and Paneer have increased in this segment.

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