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Vaccination only 5 days a week in the state now, Wednesday-Sunday holiday; The government gave the employees the excuse of a day of rest and affection

Poll:Vaccination only 5 days a week in the state now, Wednesday-Sunday holiday; The government gave the employees the excuse of a day of rest and affection

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46% of people over the age of 18 have a first dose, 77% have a second dose
After the announcement that up to 4 lakh vaccines will be given every day, the government is running out of vaccines
Vaccination will have two days off per week i.e. only 5 days of vaccination

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The pace of vaccination campaign launched by the state government has now slowed down. On the one hand, there are announcements to vaccinate the maximum population before the third wave and on the other hand, Gujarat has decided to stop vaccination two days a week. Every Wednesday, Mamata Day, Sunday, the government is giving up the excuse of rest to the health workers, the government is shaking hands with the vaccination campaign.


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The state has so far vaccinated 2.85 crore of which 2.19 crore have been given the first 65 lakh both doses. Of the 4.93 crore population approved for the vaccine over 18 years of age, 44% have been given first and 13% both doses. The first dose is due to 2.74 crore people above 18 years and the second dose to 4.8 crore population. It still takes an average of 8 months for these people to be vaccinated.

Currently an average of 2.50 lakh vaccinations per day

  • Vaccination will be closed 8 days out of 30 days of the month
  • 55 lakh vaccinations can be done in 22 days (every month)

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Accordingly ...

  • It will take 5 months to vaccinate the remaining 2.74 crore people for the first dose
  • It will take 8 months to vaccinate the remaining 4.28 crore for the second dose

Even 1% of 18 to 44 did not receive both doses

Age groupPopulationFirst dosePercentBoth dosesPercent
Above 45183570441126990361%491392227%

(Note - Total vaccinations include health workers, front line workers.)

80% in Vadodara, 75% in Rajkot first dose

CityPopulationFirst dosePercentBoth dosesPercent
Ahmedabad41.87 lakhs25.78 lakhs616.63 lakh15
Surat33.53 lakhs18.27 lakhs545.53 lakhs16
Vadodara13.15 lakhs10.61 lakhs802.94 lakh22
Rajkot9.93 lakh7.53 lakh752.24 lakh23

(Note - Population over 18 years)

The most frustrating week in two months

DurationTotal vaccinations
May 29 to June 413,80,951
5 to 11 June17,96,865
12 to 18 June17,92,459
June 19 to 2526,31,328
26 June-2 July19,46,768
3 to 9 July11,28,016
10 to 14 July10,12,501

After 23 days, the number of cases increased again.
On Tuesday, 41 cases were
registered against 31 cases. On Wednesday, 41 new cases were registered in the state. 31 cases were reported on Tuesday. Corona cases have increased in the state after 23 days. Earlier on June 22 there were 135 cases. Which increased to 138 on the second day i.e. 23rd June. New cases of corona were reported in 7 corporation areas and 11 districts of the state on Tuesday. In the second wave, less than 50 cases have been reported in the state for the fourth consecutive time. Earlier, 48 cases were reported in the state on April 12, 2020. Meanwhile 71 patients have beaten the corona in 24 hours. As a result, the recovery rate of the state has improved to 98.69 per cent. So far, 8,24,351 reports have come positive in the state, while the death toll has risen to 10,074.

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