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Vapi: In the darkness of the night, the thief came to Hanuman temple, picked up the entire donation box and ran away, imprisoned in CCTV

Bharatsinh Vadher, Vapi: The gangs of thieves and smugglers in Valsad district are no longer leaving God. A thief from a temple in Chanod area of ​​Vapi picks up the entire donation box of the temple and runs away. The video of the theft of the donation box at the temple is now going viral on social media.

Talking about the details of the incident, a smuggler enters the Ichchapurti Hanuman Temple on Selvas Road in Vapi's Chala area late at night on cat feet. Entering the temple, the smuggler picks up the entire donation box placed in front of the Lord and in an instant escapes into the darkness of the night.

A large number of devotees and people gathered at the temple as soon as it was reported that the donation box had been stolen from the temple. 

Importantly, many people have faith in this temple. At that time, even the Hanuman devotees are seeing the feeling of resentment as the smugglers are targeting the temple. The CCTV video of the theft of the donation box at the temple is now going viral on social media.

Importantly, incidents of theft in some temples in Valsad district had also come to light earlier. Incidents of donation boxes being picked up in some temples and smugglers fleeing have been recorded in the police books.

 Once again, anger has spread among the people over the incident of a smuggler fleeing from the Hanuman Temple in Chanod area of ​​Vapi carrying the entire donation box. However, it is not yet known how much money was in the donation box. But the demand to catch the accused who stole from the temple is becoming fierce.

A few days ago, a similar incident took place at Mataji's temple in Varachha area of ​​Surat. The smugglers who first came to the temple to pay their respects to Mataji and then stole the ornaments from the idol of Mataji, however, the whole incident was captured on CCTV and now this CCTV has gone viral on social media, causing panic in the entire area. Has grown

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