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Veraval Live Video

Veraval Live Video:A 15-foot foundation for a new building collapsed, and the building next to it collapsed like a palace of cards, rescuing 12 members of two families.

A collapsed 3 storey building.

The building collapsed while digging a 15-foot-deep foundation for new construction next door
Twelve members of two families became homeless, all of the housework and dardagi were reduced to rubble.

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A building collapse has taken place in Dhanisheri of Veraval. Two families have become two houses since the building collapsed.

 The building collapsed after a 10- to 15-foot-deep foundation was dug to build a new building next to the building next to it, while the family was rescued when their clothes came out and there was no movement of people on the street as it was Sunday.

dark offset printing press is located in the old Celtax alley in Dhanisheri in Veraval where the family moved out as the building collapsed. The building was demolished and new construction was underway for 15 days. The foundation was dug 10 to 15 feet deep from JCB without permission. 

Meanwhile, a three-storey building adjacent to his house suddenly collapsed on Saturday afternoon, prompting 12 members of two families living in the building to come out dressed and report to the police.

Debris of a collapsed building lying on the street.

The two families were left homeless when the collapsed building collapsed on Sunday evening. His belongings and livelihood in the house were buried in the rubble. 

However, as the market was closed on Sunday, there was no major movement of motorists and pedestrians from the street, which fortunately averted major casualties.

The house was
occupied by 12 members. Babubhai Bhikhabhai Malmadi and Vijaybhai Malmadi had 12 members living in the collapsed house. As his house collapsed on the 17th, he had lodged a complaint with the police that a 15 feet deep pit had been dug next to our house, damaging it and tearing it apart. Fear of falling at any time. Frightened, 12 members of the family came out dressed.

Picture of a pit dug next to it.

Our housekeeping, everything in Dardagi has been buried in the rubble: The family members who became
homeless after the collapse of their house said that we are making a living by getting permission, everything in our house, Dardagi has been buried in the rubble. We also applied to the police as the building collapsed. Excavated without any approval from the municipality. By the grace of God we have survived since we got out.

Other nearby houses also
fell into disrepair. The collapse disrupted power supply in the area. When this building collapsed, other surrounding buildings also became dilapidated. Fire department personnel have reportedly evacuated other adjoining buildings. However, the incident has sparked outrage among the homeless families who did not return to any responsible place.

Read in Gujarati news 

The system should take action against other dilapidated buildings in the city.
It is to be noted that there are many antiquated and dilapidated buildings in Jodia city, which are inviting permanent accidents but the responsible body or administration does not take any effective action. Accidents of falling into dilapidated parts are happening many times. There is a public demand that the system should take effective action immediately after this accident.

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