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VIDEO of 5 cylinder blast in 20 minutes

VIDEO of 5 cylinder blast in 20 minutes:A fire broke out in the MP's confectionery factory when a gas pipe near the furnace leaked; The 50-cylinder-filled Tampa was removed by the Mahamahante

The girl fell from the threshold for rescue, people rescued her

A fire broke out in a sweet shop factory in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday. The fire broke out with enormous flames while fitting the pipe by turning on the regulator in the gas furnace.

 During this time 5 consecutive cylinders exploded within 20 minutes. A car full of more than 50 cylinders was also parked outside the gate of the shop. People prevented the big tragedy by showing the time indicator.

The fire was not brought under control soon and gradually other shops in the vicinity also caught fire. This was echoed throughout the city as 5 consecutive cylinders exploded one after the other. The good thing about this tragedy is that no one was killed.

The regulator was fitted in the current furnace
. Two workers, including Devendra Saini of Krishna Gotiram Sweets near Chhatrasal Char Rasta, were in the gas furnace. Channulal, on the other hand, was making sweets with his friend. 

An employee of the gas agency in Teva came to the shop with two cylinders. The shop employee placed one cylinder near the running furnace and began to fit in the other gas.

The pressure in the gas pipe was high and escaped from the hands of the employee. The fire was caused by a gas-leaking furnace. Other plastic materials, including oil cans in the factory, were also reduced to ashes in the fire.

The woman tried to jump Malti first to the rescue, the locals rescued her

The girl fell from the stairs in the sense of rescue, people rescued
Dr. during the fire incident. Brejendra Dubey was working in his clinic, she was upstairs. Patients who came to the dental clinic for a checkup also fled the scene. The girl was preparing to jump down from the first floor to save her life, but was rescued by onlookers.

Sweet shop employees could not control the fire
2 employees working in 2 gas furnaces tried to control the fire, but fled the scene uncontrollably. Employees working in a nearby shop escaped with their lives. During this time, one gas cylinder after another exploded and a fire broke out in the surrounding shops.

People pushing a gas-filled Tampa away from the scene

The car
shelf full of gas cylinders had deteriorated. The gas agency's tempo was standing outside the sweet shop when the fire broke out. People told him to get away from the scene but he was also trapped there as his self-start went bad. People in the vicinity pushed Tampa away to avoid a major mishap. If this tempo had caught fire too, there would have been a lot of destruction.

Cylinders explode 15 minutes after fire The cylinders exploded 15 minutes after
a fire broke out in a sweet shop. But because of the low gas content, the noise did not go far. The fire then spread outside the shop due to other cylinders exploding. The gas-filled cylinders kept outside the shop caused 2 explosions within 20 minutes. Which created a scary atmosphere in the surrounding area. The crash happened between 11 and 11:50 p.m.

A team of fire brigade took action to control the fire

A team of three fire
brigades arrived at the scene after the fifth gas cylinder caught fire after the fire was brought under control . The fire brigade's vehicle ran out of water in 5 minutes. Police, administration and general public were trying to contain the blaze for 20 minutes. 20 minutes later at 12 noon another team arrived at the scene and contained the fire.

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