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VIDEO: This is how the third wave is coming in the country, people forgot about Korona in getting lost, you too will turn red after watching this video

The second wave of Corona virus is not over yet as people are opening the door for a third wave. As the lockdown unfolded, the first photos came and Temay, especially in Himachal Pradesh, where lines of trains were lined up. The traffic was jammed. 

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Later a photo also came from Manali. Seeing this, people said that hotels are not available at present. Then there are no hospitals. Then came the third video from the inn. Where a child was asking people, where is your mask? However, now this video has come from Mussoorie.

This video is going very viral on Twitter. Which is from Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. It can be seen that people are bathing in the crowded Kempty Falls.

 People don’t even wear masks. Social distance is out of the question, but everyone is bathing together.

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Users have gone berserk after seeing such videos. Some write .Now there is no Kumbh Mela, no election, yet we are not improving. Understand our responsibility.

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