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WhatsApp bans controversial privacy policy itself, goes to court against Competition Commission investigation

WhatsApp policy controversy: 

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CCI seeks privacy information, Center says - forces WhatsApp users

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is on the backfoot due to its controversial policy. WhatsApp told the Delhi High Court that it had banned its privacy policy. WhatsApp and Facebook, the company that owns the app, have filed an appeal in the Delhi High Court against the Competition Commission of India's probe.

seeks privacy information CCI last month issued notices to WhatsApp and Facebook asking them for information about the privacy policy. WhatsApp went to a single judge bench against this, where their appeal was dismissed. The court then said that the policy issue was already going on in the Supreme Court. WhatsApp has since opposed the decision in the Delhi High Court.

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The Center
also opposed the WhatsApp policy in front of a single judge bench, the Center said. The Center told the court that before the Personal Data Protection Bill became law, WhatsApp forced users to accept their privacy policy.

WhatsApp's new policy to be implemented in May WhatsApp's new
privacy policy in India was supposed to be implemented in February, but users and experts expressed concern about this. There was a demand for government intervention in this policy. The company then delayed this. The policy will be implemented in mid-May. WhatsApp then told the government that users' privacy was a top priority for them.


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High Court will not intervene in CCI probe The
Delhi High Court has heard an appeal against the single-back order of WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook INC. Meanwhile, DN Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh refused to intervene in the CCI investigation against WhatsApp's new privacy policy.

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"We have filed a petition," advocate Gurukarna Singh said in the case. Harish Salve, senior advocate for WhatsApp, said WhatsApp had told the Delhi High Court on Friday that the new privacy policy was now on voluntary hold. The company said it would not reduce its efficiency until the Data Protection Bill is implemented. This means that the features that users are taking advantage of will remain the same.

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