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Whether the government approves or not; As soon as the rathyatra starts, it will be completed in 6 hours

Mahant Dilipdasji's insistence to start a rath yatra: 

Following the rath yatra on July 12, the three chariots, including Lord Jagannath, have started coloring.

A special list of 40 sailors was drawn to pull the chariot to complete the journey early
The temple trustee board, police and corporation started preparations for the rathyatra


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Whether the government approves the rath yatra or not, the rath yatra will continue this year, said Mahant Dilipdasji of the Jagannath temple in a conversation with Divya Bhaskar. Not only that, a list of 40 strong sailors has been prepared for the Rathyatra to return to the Nijmandir on its scheduled route in just 6 hours. They are currently being vaccinated against corona, the sailors on the list who are yet to be vaccinated will be vaccinated in 2 days.

The government has not yet taken a decision on whether the rath yatra will start this year, but the temple trustee board, Mosal, police and the corporation have started preparations for the rath yatra. Amid the controversy over the rath yatra, Dilip Dasji said that whether the government approves it or not, the rath yatra will take place. 

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With just 12 days to go before the rath yatra, Dilip Dasji's statement confirms that the government is in the mood to call off the rath yatra, but the government does not want to allow any controversy by announcing at present, so it is working on a wait-and-see policy. As every year, 40 companies of security forces will be called.

85% of sailors have taken the first dose of vaccine Out
of the 40 sailors who have prepared the list for the rathyatra, 85% of the sailors have taken the first dose of vaccine, while the remaining 15% of the sailors will be vaccinated in 2 days. Any sailor who has been vaccinated will be allowed to pull the chariot. - Mahendra Jha, Trustee Jagannath Temple.


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addition to the 13,000 city police personnel, 40,000 traffic police, home guards as well as 40 companies of SRP, RAF, BSF and CRPF are stationed in the rathyatra every year. Police personnel and officers on duty in other cities together with 22 to 25 thousand police security personnel are deployed in the procession. All police officers have been instructed to be ready. The DGP's approval has been sought to allot 40 companies of the security forces.

Notice to 327 scary houses
on Rathyatra route Muni has sent notices to 327 scary houses on Rathyatra route in the central zone, out of which 44 landlords have repaired their houses, though the rest are still scary. Will the traditional rathyatra of Asadhi Bij take place or not? The matter is still unclear, but Muni. Tantra has started its preparations. Notices have been sent to dangerous houses on the route of the rathyatra in different areas in the central zone of the city.

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