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While cutting neem near Bandra of Gondal, the iron horse was 11 KV. Power outage kills two relatives in Juanjodh

Janetani Kukh Ujadi:  

Death of two brothers who seemed short.

Gondal taluka police and PGVCL team rushed to the spot

Dharmeshbhai Jessani has planted Malaysian neem trees in a field between Kantolia-Bandra village in Gondal. The workers were going to the farm with an iron horse to cut down these trees, but the 11 kV line passing over the farm. 

Juanjodh, who looked short when he hit an iron horse with an electric line, died on the spot. People from the surrounding farms, including farm owner Dharmeshbhai, also rushed to the spot following the incident.

Neem cutting has been going on for the last eight days.
According to the information received, Dharmendrabhai Mohanbhai Jasani's (resides in Rajkotwala) farm is located in Vorakotda survey number on Kantolia-Bandra road. 

Malaysian neem trees have been planted here, which have been being cut for the last eight days by Piyushbhai Vasantbhai Makwana (age 28) of Sarpadad village in Paddhari taluka and his elder brother Mayurbhai.

 The two brothers were working to cut neem around 10 am on Tuesday. The two brothers were electrocuted when an iron horse touched the line of the Eleven KV passing over the farm.

Both the brothers were unmarried and the
incident of cutting down trees to make a living was reported to the taluka police. Parmar, including Head Constable Dilipbhai Khachar, rushed to the spot and informed the families of the deceased and shifted the body to the government hospital for PM.

 PGVCL officials were informed of the incident and rushed to the spot. Police sources said the two brothers were unmarried and were engaged in cutting neem to support the family.

The iron horse was struck by a heavy electric line passing over it.

In Rajkot, two people were killed when the elevator seemed short.
A fatal accident took place a year ago at the Kadam Heights apartment opposite the Arjun Party plot in Motamwa on Kalavad Road in Rajkot. 

Manishaben Kiranbhai Ashara (U.S. 53) was electrocuted. So he ran to Jigneshbhai Jaswantbhai Dhol (age 47), a trader living on the fifth floor, rather than Boomaboom. While trying to rescue Manishaben, they too lost consciousness due to electric shock from the elevator door, so they were shifted to Civil Hospital for treatment, but both died here.

Workers were going with iron horses to cut down the overgrown neem trees.

Screaming at Manishaben, Jigneshbhai rushed to his rescue. Manishaben, who
lives on the sixth floor in Kadam Heights , went out to fetch milk. He came down from the sixth floor of his flat no. He opened the elevator door and sat inside. 

When the elevator reached the fifth floor, Jigneshbhai, who was staying on the fifth floor, heard his screams and ran. He too was electrocuted while trying to save Manishaben. Manishaben's son Devanshubhai and other relatives and residents rushed to the spot. Both Manishaben and Jigneshbhai were shifted to the Civil Hospital for treatment, but Jigneshbhai also died shortly after Manishaben died during treatment here.

The iron horse was so high that it was struck by a lightning bolt passing above.

(Dewang Bhojani, Himanshu Purohit - Gondal)

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