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You can't stop laughing after watching a video of a young man sleeping with a young woman in a moving bus.

Many videos often go viral on social media. There will be many videos that you will be scared to watch, but there are some videos that will win our hearts. Then some videos are funny. While many videos are inspirational or instructive. That's when a very funny video went viral on social media. You will laugh out loud after watching this video.

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Often when we travel in a bus or train we are fast asleep. Then in such a situation sometimes we collide with other people and sometimes in a deep sleep we go to the place where we have to land. So sometimes people's belongings are also stolen.

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ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

IPS officer Rupin Sharma shared a video on social media. Which video is so much fun. The first clip of this video is very funny. As you can clearly see in the video, one person is on the sidewalk. Suddenly the bus tweaks and falls on the young lady standing in front of the man and the woman's skirt comes off and the young lady starts hitting them.

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It will be a lot of fun to watch this viral video in its entirety. IPS officer Rupin Sharma wrote in the caption, "Something happens." People are liking this video very much. At the same time people are giving funny feedback.

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