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Zydus Cadila seeks approval for emergency use of Corona vaccine, the first Indian vaccine for 12-18 year olds

Fifth vaccine ready in the country:

Just two days ago, the US company Mordana was approved by the corona vaccine DGCI

Zydus Cadila has sought approval from the Drug Controller General of India (DGCI) for emergency use of its Corona vaccine Jaykov-Dean. This vaccine is for people over 12 years of age. Its Phase-3 trial has been completed. The company says it plans to make 120 million doses a year.

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If approved, it would be the fifth approved vaccine in the country. Just two days ago, the US company Mordana was approved by the Corona vaccine DGCI. Earlier, Kovishield, Kovexin and Sputnik-V had received approval.

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Jaykov-D is the country's first triple dose vaccine
, a double dose of the vaccine currently being administered in India. There are also single dose vaccines like Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik Light, which are expected to arrive in India in the coming months. However the Zykov-D vaccine is different from all of these. Not one or two but three doses of this Indian vaccine will be given.

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The world's first DNA-based vaccine will be
Jaykov-D is a DNA -plasmid vaccine . This vaccine uses genetic material to boost the body's immunity. Plasma-DNA uses plasmid-DNA in the same way that Pfizer and modern vaccines in many countries, including the United States, use mRNA to increase immunity.

Currently 3 vaccines and one powder are available
in India. In the country, Covishield of Serum Institute and Covacin of Bharat Biotech are being used in vaccine drive. Russia's Sputnik-V has also been approved for use in India. Apart from this DRDO has developed a 2-DG drug for covid. Its emergency use is also allowed. This is a powder, which is given by mixing it in water.

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