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Decision:60% to 100% import tax will be levied on foreign vehicles in India, ₹ 67 lakh Model S will be available in the Indian market for ₹ 13 million

Tesla Inc., an American electric car maker, has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reduce tax on cars. The government has also signaled a reduction in import duty on cars. According to sources, Tesla has rejected the objections of some Indian automakers. The company plans to start selling imported cars in India from this year. But the tax has stalled.

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60% to 100% tax on foreign electric cars

Electric cars worth 40 40,000 (approximately Rs 30 lakh) are currently taxed at 60 per cent in the country. Also, 100% tax is charged if the value is more than this. The Tesla car models range in price from 39 39,990 (approximately Rs. 30 lakhs) to 1, 1,29,990 (approximately Rs. 97.1 lakhs). It has the company's Model 3, Model Y, Model X and Model S. The Model 3 has the lowest price.


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A car worth Rs 30 lakh will be available for Rs 48 lakh

According to the current import duty, the base model of Tesla's cheapest Model 3 will be taxed at 60%. Thus, the price of this car, which is around Rs 30 lakh, will be Rs 48 lakh in India only after adding tax. If we talk about its long range trim, it is priced at 49 49,990 (about Rs 37.34 lakh) in the US. With taxes, it will be around Rs 75.5 lakh in India.

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The base model of Tesla's Model Y is priced at 53 53,990 (approximately Rs. 40 lakhs) in the US and will be available in India at Rs. 80 lakhs. Similarly, the base model of the Model X is priced at 99 99,990 (approximately Rs. 74.6 lakh), which is priced at Rs. 1.5 crore. The base model of the Model S is priced at 89 89,990 (approximately Rs. 67.2 lakh), which is Rs. 1.3 crore.

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Testing of several models is underway in India

Tesla cars have been seen running on the roads of various cities of the country. It features several models of the company's vehicles. But the most common model is 3. This car can go up to 500 km on a single charge. It has a dual electric motor, which gives about 450 hp of power.

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