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How do smart phones damage your eyes?

 How do smart phones damage your eyes?

Today we have brought information about it and below it is given in the information area and more and more share and work information and you will know that there have been many cases in the country where small children get glasses and it is not due to excessive phone calls. is coming

How do smart phones hurt your eyes today? You will find some of our tips and information on this easy and step by step from this website in this post here and share more and more.


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What are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome?


Aside from AMD, a milder side effect of high screen use is a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). There are multiple symptoms including:

  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Pain in shoulders and neck
  • Dry and red eyes
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Making errors

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Friends you will find a lot of such information and work information here and the required information is given below here and you are given a link below here and it is given a link to a good and working website they click in it and you will find all the information in the area and Share more and more and new information will be updated in this website every day.

How do smart phones damage your eyes? : Click Here

Friends, today I have information about this work and I have given you all the information here and if you find any information, please comment and share more and more.

Friends, this information is relevant to your eyes, so don't joke, this is to know and adopt it, and stay away from more smartphones and use the phone when you have work to do.

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