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How much will the new name 'Meta' change for you Facebook, find out what will happen to your social media account?

 Rebranding of Facebook: 

News that the Facebook company is going to change its name was circulating 9 days ago. However the company denied it at the time. What happened 9 days later has happened. Facebook has changed its name to 'Meta'.

Will the name change affect your social media account? What will be the impact on Facebook-owned apps WhatsApp and Instagram? Do users have to create a separate account for meta? We have prepared answers to all the questions that arise in your mind. Let us know what is Metavers and what effect it will have on you ....

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Because of this Facebook changed its name

Facebook is the parent company of many companies, including WhatsApp and Instagram. CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to cover the company’s small-to-large platforms within a single company. So he has devised metavars. Meta has now become the parent company of 93 companies. Zuckerberg believes that the company that started the technology does not want to be left behind in the race. So metavers were prepared.


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The last several months have seen an eclipse on Facebook. She was embroiled in controversy over something. Former employees made serious disclosures about the company's policy. Many media organizations called it a 'fakebook'. So changing the name can remove the negativity of the company. Not only Facebook but also Microsoft is investing in Metavers technology.

A different world of metavars

Metavers is the next level of virtual reality. You can see what you don't see in VR right now. Future technology will be absolutely pro level. This will be a world where you will have a different identity. You will be able to return to this world, shop and even make new friends. Even the smell of an object can be felt in metavars. The term Metavers was coined by science fiction writer Stephens in his 1992 novel Snow Crush.

What will change in the company with the new name?

Nothing is going to change for you as a user. The name 'Meta' will not affect your Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram accounts. You will be able to use your login ID and password as before. However, in the near future, the company will connect Facebook with Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and other app metavars. This means that the user can access all the apps on a single login. This will benefit the company that the user who did not have access to all the apps will now be able to keep all the apps open in one log in.

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How will changing the name change the legal boundaries?

"Facebook made the entry in 2004," said Supreme Court lawyer Virag Gupta. The company's goal then was to connect people socially. It then became a commercial and India became the largest market for Facebook globally.

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In 2016, the company integrated data from Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. At that time the company did not take permission from any user. There are now 350 million users of Facebook, 390 million users of WhatsApp and 80 million users of Instagram in India. Facebook now wants to rebrand itself and put itself in a new orbit. There are 5 questions that will be cleared only after the policy comes up

Will the structure of the new company be the same as the old company?

Will the Indian company be a 100% subsidiary of the American company and what will be its liability?


Facebook's new company will pay taxes all over India?

Will the grievance, nodal and compliance office designated under the new IT rule work for the new company or for the old one?

Business module that will only change the name and face of the new company. How will the government deal if it changes?

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