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How to Claim Car Insurance After Meeting an Accident in India?

Learn how to claim motor accident insurance in India without a lawyer today in the information area and you are easily and step by step given information and work information and necessary information and also share with friends.


Documents required to make a claim:

  1. Copy of your insurance policy.
  2. First Information Report (FIR) filed with the police.
  3. Duly filled up and signed Claim Form.
  4. Copy of the registration certificate of your car.
  5. Copy of your driving license.
  6. A detailed estimate of the repairs.
  7. Medical receipts in case of physical injuries.


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Documents Required To Process Car Insurance Claim

The car insurance claim settlement process requires the policyholder to submit certain documents in order to validate and accept the claim car insurance.

  • 1. Copy of the insurance policy
  • 2. First Information Report (FIR) filed with the police station
  • 3. Copy of the driver's license
  • 4. Copy of the registration certificate of the car
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Additional documents in case of reimbursement claim

  • A brief estimate of the repairs
  • Medical report in case of physical injuries
  • Original records of other expenses

How to claim insurance for car accident?

The claim insurance procedure is quick and hassle-free. In case of an accident, you need to contact the insurance company immediately. You can do this on the phone, online or offline. Let’s go through the process and understand how to claim insurance for a car accident.

The claim insurance process requires you submit the below mentioned documents along with the duly filled claim form:

  • Copy of your car insurance policy
  • Copy of the driver’s licence
  • The First Information Report you have filed at the police station
  • Registration certificate of the car
  • Original documents of repair expenses or medical report for physical injuries

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