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Best unique and stylish quality jewelers design in India 2021

   Best unique and stylish  jewelers design  in India 2021Introduction of best unique jewelers brands

Jewellery is a design of decorative items wear  for personal ornamentation , such as necklaces , rings, brooches, pendants ,earrings, , cufflinks, and bracelets cufflinks. Jewellery may be devoted  to the clothes or  body.  according to the  western outlook  the term is restricted to long lasting  ornaments,expenses  flowers for example, many centuries metal such as gold often combined with gemstones, has been the normal material for jewellery design , Jewellery design is one of best earliest and  oldest types of archaeological artefact with 100,000 year old beads made from Nassarius shells thought to be the ancient notice  jewellery  design but many more  materials such as  plant materials and other shells  may be used. since  ancient times in European cultures the most and common forms of jewellery listed above have persisted in earliest.The basic forms of jewellery design vary between cultures but are often extreme as  long-lived. while other  such as embellishment  for the ankle or neck ,crucial in other country  cultures, are much less common.

.1. Malabar Gold and Diamonds

In India Malabar Gold and Diamonds is a privately held company. The company has a global presence and owns more than 250 showrooms across in 10 countries.The brand is the  trusted and  most popular Indian jewelry brand. The malabar  company is first on the top list  Jewellers design  in India.The hallmark certifying shows  that the product is pure and trustworthy. All the company products are rich in freshness  as they hold a BIS hallmark symbol.

 Achievements and Award

  • The brand grip  the franchise of the “Dubai Celebration Chain” in  2015 World Records  that set a new Guinness.
  • All India Gems and Jewelry Trade Federation Received the “Best Retail Chain of the Year award”
  •  in five consecutive years  Awarded with the “Super Brand” award.
  •  opening 11 outlets in 6 different countries in a single day Has been recorded .
  • The Economic Times  company receive best  Brands award in 2019 .


Established    1993

 Type        private 

Founder        M. P. Ahammed

2. Amrapali Jewellers

The headquartered of  the company is in Jaipur. They operate a museum to showcase the traditional work of jewelry design . The most of our Bollywood celebs has been used this brand  only.the  quality of ornaments is incomparable . Moreover, If you are looking  more Best bridal jewelry then this is a best brand is your real destination. The brand design and unique  features an amazing selection of beautifully made engagement rings and wedding.They have many  more  stores in metropolitan cities including Delhi ,Jaipur,and Mumbai.


  • The most stylish and unique collocation  brand of jewelry is  in Rajasthan.
  •  Best unique and stylish  heritage Jewellery of the year.
  • In the year of 2007 the company   Received  an award as Best Jewellery .
  • In the year of 2010 The brand won the tag of Best Bridal Jewellery.
  • In the Year in 2012 Won an award of Highest Jewellery.


Established 1978

Type        Private limited company

Founder        Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera

3. Tanishq

The brand is a subsidiary of the Tata company and is among the Top most Jewellers design in India. They have huge jewelry design stores to buy precious jewelry like diamond or gold. Tanishq a tata product is the most popular and  trusted jewelry design brand in India. If you made a search for Top brands of Jewelry  in India then you have find and  reached your destination.The main reason for its wide  influence is diamond and  gold  jewelry, Irrespective of their high cost, the love for the brand has long term  constant. 


Established              1994

Headquarter                 Bengaluru, Karnataka

Brand Ambassador  Deepika Padukone


  • gold
  • rudy
  • silver
  • diamond
  • platinum

4. Kalyan Jewellers

They have introduced a special and unique  products for wedding ceremonies such as diamond ,the Muhurat bridal collection in pure gold,  and handcrafted jewelry, Candere for precious diamonds and  Anokhi for uncut diamonds. Kalyan  Jewellers is the most and unique  jewelry brand for some festivals and occasions visited. Their unique and beautiful  design  collection is called  a GLO is a most special innovation where suspended diamonds within the jewelry pieces ‘dance’ hypnotically. While the brand offers very expensive ,exclusives, and precious pieces. Top Jewellers design  in India the highest purity levels in gold jewelry makes the jewelry stylish and unique design . However, they also showcase affordable price  and modern daily wear collections for a low-key look. 


Established                       1993
Type                          India limited
Founder                         T.S. Kalyanaraman
Headquarter                 Thrissur, Kerala
Brand Ambassador  Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif

    Type of  metal 

  • gold 
  • silver
  • diamond
  • platinum

5. PC Jewellers PC

 Jewelers is one of the fastest-growing and Top Jewellers design  in India. Recently a few years a  ago the brand has started its destiny . Its online store mostly includes precious metals and gems. In April 2005 it has started operations  with one chain store at Karol Bagh Delhi.The weight is show  after subtracting the weight of the stones from the total weight of the Jewellery design.the company  delivery services  is really quick and you will have to  provided a handwritten invoice in the delivered box. One of the best things  which a person will admire more and more of the brand is their customer service.


  • 2006:  Achieve for Diamond Season   Honored with the Best Showroom award.
  • 2010: the company  Received an award for Highest Exporter jewelry by the Noida SEZ, of and  gems  , Department of Commerce.
  • 2012:  Indian Export Organisations in the gems and jewelry by the federation of Indian Has been recognized with Niryat Shree Silver Trophy.


established      2005
Type         Joint Stock Company
Founder      Padam Chand Gupta
Headquarter New Delhi, India

type of  metal 

  • gold 
  • silver
  • diamond
  • platinum

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