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Big News / Many big schools and colleges in Gujarat took this big decision voluntarily

Big News/ Numerous big seminaries and sodalities in Gujarat took this big decision freely 

 Big News/ Numerous big seminaries and sodalities in Gujarat took this big decision freely 

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 In Gujarat, academy- council directors freely stopped tutoring in seminaries. The decision was taken as part of adding alert in Koro transition. 

 A flurry in the educational world with the adding transition 

School- soda lities freely stopped tutoring 

 Opinions were made for offline education of seminaries 

 Corona's growing transition is now also infecting a large class of scholars. The great question is how to cover scholars from nimbus. Vaccination for scholars has also started in the state. but on the other hand seminaries are also running offline. The effect of adding transition is now being seen in seminaries also. Some seminaries have indeed started making their own offline education opinions. So what's the state of adding transition in seminaries. 


 Corona transmission in the state is adding at a rate of 5 times. And scholars are no longer barred from this transition as the number of cases of scholars and preceptors being infected in a large number of seminaries is adding. Due to which the concern of parents as well as educational institutions has increased. On the other hand, the government doesn't feel to have any intention to stop offline education in the state at present. Parents and education unions are now demanding check of seminaries and sodalities in Teva for 2 months now. Demand to start online education formerly again. \

Importantly, the government isn't presently taking any decision regarding offline education. But on the other hand, only the seminaries have come alert against the growing transition. Speaking of some seminaries in the state. The directors of Udgam, Zebar and Sayona seminaries in Ahmedabad have decided to stop offline education at present. And parents have been told that the class will be run online until Corona's condition returns to normal. On the other hand, after Veer Narmad South Gujarat University in Vadodara, 10 further people were coronated after the call. 

 At present, only seminaries have started making opinions. This is because the future of the scholars can not be designedly tampered with. But at present only a many seminaries are taking the decision to stop offline education. This can lead to increased coronary heart complaint in scholars. Hopefully, the government will take applicable decision on the issue of seminaries till the growing transition is under control keeping in view the unborn health of Gujarat. 

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