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Download The Chart Of Village

Download The Chart Of Village 

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The price of this unique bike is about 12.2 million rupees. It took further than 2500 hours to make this bike. Harley Davidson Blue Edition has teamed up with 8 brigades of Bucherer and Bündnerbike. This bike was introduced in Switzerland. 

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 The Blue Edison is grounded on the Harley-Davidson Softail SlimS. Still, after getting ready this bike doesn't look like Harley-Davidson’s bike. Its frames and rems are custom-made moods and numerous other corridor are golden plated. There's also a timepiece on the right side of this bike’s energy tank. This is the first bike in which the timepiece has been fitted from the plant. Premium essence and jewelery are used in numerous corridor of this bike. It has a5.40-carat ring in its energy tank. 

 The especially designed Car IF. Bucherer watch has been packed in a special holder made of silicone ring in order to help machine vibration. 

 Speaking of the Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S machine, it has a1.8 liter Air Cooled V- Twin machine. This machine generates a 128 N m necklace. It has been connected to a 6- speed gear box for transmission. The factual cost of the bike is 13 lakhs. 

This app provides countries and sections to watch their town lets. 

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