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how to claim motor accident insurance without lawyer in india

How to the claim motor accident insurance without a counsel in a India. 

Despite being a good in a motorist, you could be a involved in an a accident and in the result can be a veritably stressful at the  times. When you are involved in an a accident, you need to the follow certain way to the  insure all are safe, follow in the law and initiate in the insurance claim in a process. to Your immediate action is to the inform to your insurance company and follow in the procedure duly to the  claim auto insurance after an a accident. Working with your insurer after an a accident is pivotal to get your claim settled in a correctly. 

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How to the Claim Auto in a Insurance After an a Accident in a India? 

The business viscosity in a India can be a veritably grandly due to the sheer number of the vehicles. While you may be drive a safely and the insure you follow business in a  rules, there may be a necessary mishaps. The process to the  raise to a claim for a auto insurance after an a accident has a evolved over in the times. Technology and the digitizing of the colorful deals have a made it is a easier to follow certain procedures. Read on to the learn what steps you need to take a after an a accident in a India. 


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  Procedure For a Making a Auto Insurance Claim After a Meeting an a Accident 

 Claiming Auto insurance after an a accident are  requires a careful understanding of the procedure of  the registering in the claim with your insurance company. Below is a step-by- step companion for a making a auto insurance in a claim 

 1. Inform to Your Insurance in a Company 

 Make a call to your insurance company to the inform them about in the accident and give a detailed information about in the damages to your auto. Insure you do not withhold a any information from your insurer as it may be a ineffective while a settling in a  claims. 

 2. Train an a FIR with in the Police 

 Inform in the police about in the accident incontinently and the file a First Information Report (FIR), if a needed. FIR is a needed in a case of the  theft, road accidents or a fire. You may be not bear an a FIR if it is for minor dents and the scrapes. And you will bear it when a third party is a involved in the accident. 

 3. Take Film land 

 Make a sure you take a enough film land of the damage and the place of the accident. Insure in the photos are clear and the  damages are visible so that the insurance company will be a suitable to examine the extent of the physical damages and settle in the claim consequently. 

 4. Submit a Needed Documents to the Insurer 

To reuse in the claim, the insurance company are requires in a certain documents similar as a dupe of the insurance in a  policy, FIR, in the proprietor- motorist’s Driving Licence, a dupe of the Registration in a Certificate of your auto, etc. Insure you submit in these documents and work with your insurer for a hassle-free experience. 

 5. Get to Your Auto Repaired 

 You can take your auto to the garage to the get it is a repaired. Or, you can ask your insurance company to get the auto fixed.However, you will be a moreover be refunded or a compensated for the loss consequently, If the insurer are approves to your claim. 

 6. In The Case of the Theft 

 In a case your auto is a stolen, follow in the process of the  informing your insurance company and train an a FIR at the original police station. Submit a documents similar as the RC, to your D L, FIR,etc. to the insurance company.However, they will be a  issue anon-traceable instrument, If the police are not suitable to trace the auto within a reasonable time frame. The insurer will be also settle in the claim and pay in the current request value of your auto. 

 Documents Needed To Make a Auto Insurance in a Claim 

 One of the most important aspects while a raising a claim on your auto insurance is to submit the needed in a  documents. Below is the list of the documents needed while a raising a auto insurance in a claim 

  •  The First Information in a  Report (FIR) from in the police. 

 Copy of the motorist’s driving in a  licence. 

  •  Properly filled and the  inked a claim form. 
  •  Original Form in a  bill, cash bills,etc. 
  •  Copy of your auto’s Registration in a  Certificate (RC). 
  •  Medical bills in a case of the physical injuries. 

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