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Indian government yojana (schemes) for students to study abroad.

Indian Government Literacy to Study Abroad for Indian Scholars .

 The significance of education can be impeccably added up in Nelson Mandela’s following quotation – “ Education is the most important armament which you can use to change the world”. This simple judgment totalities up the significance of education in our lives of not only individualities but nations too. This is the precise reason why there are numerous associations that have started offering literacy to meritorious and meritorious scholars. Now, with the help of study abroad literacy available for virtually every course, meritorious scholars can now pursue their choice of course at their choice of University. 

 Still, numerous Indian scholars are ignorant of how to get a education in India to study abroad, and therefore numerous meritorious campaigners miss out studying at some of the premier universities across the world. 

 To help scholars find external literacy ( i.e. not handed by the university) for studying abroad, we've listed a many in this composition. So whether you were digging for information on education for engineering scholars or for literacy for MBA in Europe or the USA, you'll find information pertaining to literacy then .

1. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees .


The education quantum varies and depends on the country, the course being pursued, and its education figure. Still, the education substantially covers course freights, trip, and living charges and insurance. 


The programs are open to scholars from any part of the world. The pupil should hold an undergraduate degree from a honored institute. They can also have a honored original position of education. 

 Duration-1-2 times 

2. Fulbright-Nehru Master's Fellowships 

 Quantum- Education figure and living and affiliated costs. 

 Essentials-They must have completed the fellow of a U.S. bachelorette's degree with 55 total marks. They should also have demonstrated leadership rates and have 3 times of work experience piecemeal from being committed to return to India and contribute to their community. 

 Duration-1-2 times 

3. Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship .

 Quantum- A yearly paycheck, J-1 Visa Support, round- trip frugality class air trip, Accident and Sickness Program and modest settling in allowance. 

 Essentials- This education is given to Indian scholars who are registered for aPh.D. at an Indian institution and have an cooperation with a U.S Host institution during the entitlement period. The anticipated Ph.D. thesis submission date shouldn't be earlier than three months after the Fulbright Nehru entitlement end date. The online operation form requires an aspirant to upload a dupe of an composition or paper published or presented. Excerpts from the Master's/M. Phil Thesis can also be uploaded. 

 Duration-6-9 months .

4. Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships .

 Quantum- A yearly paycheck, J-1 Visa Support, round- trip frugality class air trip, Accident and Sickness Program, and modest settling in allowance. 

 Essentials-  Indians applying to this education to study in the USA must be registered forPh.D. at an Indian institution. Since this education is meant for IndianPh.D. scholars to conduct exploration essential to their compositions/ thesis; thus, the anticipatedPh.D. thesis submission date shouldn't be earlier than three months after the Fulbright Nehru entitlement end date. The online operation form requires an aspirant to upload a dupe of an composition or paper published/ presented or excerpts from the Master's/M.Phil. Thesis. 

 Duration-0-9 months. 

5. Great Wall Program .

 Quantum- This is a full education and hence covers education freights, accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance, and a paycheck. 

 Essentials-  Scholars applying to this education must be lower than 45 times of age and must have a bachelorette’s or master’s degree or their original. 

 Duration-1 time 

6. Inlaks Scholarship .

 Quantum- The maximum quantum of education awarded is US$. 

 Essentials- Scholars applying for the education should be an Indian citizen and have a good first degree from a honored Indian University. They should also be lower than 30 times of age and must have got admission to a reputed institution. 

 7. National Overseas Scholarship plan by the Indian Government .

 Quantum-  This Government of India education for advanced studies abroad covers the education freights as well as other educational charges similar as contingency allowance, conservation, trip charges, and others. 

 Essentials- The education is awarded to aspirants who meet the following criteria 

 Belong to Slated Gentries, Denotified Vagrant andSemi-Nomadic Lines, Landless Agricultural Sloggers, and Traditional Artisans. 

 Scored 55 marks in under scale (for those applying to Masters) or 55 inPost-Graduation (for those applying for Ph.D.).

 Be below 35 times of age. 

 Have a combined family income that's lower thanRs. 6,. 

 Not have further than one stock who got the same education. 

 8. Orange Tulip Scholarship .

 Quantum-  The education quantum varies and can be a full study figure, a 50 reduction in study freights or only a 25 reduction. It's possible that the literacy are given to cover only living charges or visa freights, etc. Scholars should check their University to find out further about the OTS in their University. 

 Essentials- Scholars applying for the education should be an Indian occupant and have been admitted to a Dutch university or be in the process of registration in The Netherlands. 

 9. GREAT Education Literacy.  

 Quantum-Full education literacy. 

 Essentials-  Scholars applying for the education should be an Indian occupant and have been admitted to the named list of Universities in theU.K. They should also have demonstrated leadership rates and eventuality. 

 Duration-1 times 

 10. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship application . 

 Amount- Financial backing is given to scholars to take care of their education freights and living charges only. Still, this backing is grounded on the requirements of the scholars. 

 Essentials-  Aspirants must be below 30 times of age, have constantly bettered in academics, got admission to a largely estimable Transnational university or program. 

 Duration-2 Times 

tips to control a bloated stomach.

Eighteen ways to reduce bloating .

 Utmost people witness bloating at some point. Exercises, supplements, and massages can all help to reduce bloating snappily, and simple life changes can help it from reenacting. 

 Abdominal bloating is when the tummy feels full and tight. It generally occurs due to a buildup of gas nearly in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Bloating ideal the belly to look great  than normal, and it may also feel tender or painful. Fluid retention in the body can also guide to bloating. 

 In this composition, we give ways for getting relieve of bloating snappily and explain how to reduce bloating in the long- term. 

 Quick tips to get relieve of bloating. 

 Bloating generally happens when redundant gas builds up in the stomach or bowel. When bloating occurs right after a mess, it generally resolves itself, but it's frequently possible to speed up this process. 

 The stylish way to attack bloating is to determine its cause. Common triggers for bloating include 

 Digestive issues. Constipation, food disinclinations, and illiberalism can lead to bloating. When coprolite becomes backed up in the large bowel, it can beget bloating and a feeling of discomfort. Redundant gas may also make up behind the coprolite, making the bloating worse. 

Diet. Effervescent drinks, too important swab or sugar, and not enough fiber in the diet can all beget bloating. 

 Hormonal changes. Numerous people witness bloating ahead and during their ages due to hormonal changes and water retention. 

 Numerous home remedies can help to manage the pain and discomfort of bloating. The following quick tips may help people to get relieve of a bloated belly snappily 

 1. Go for a walk 

 Physical Exertion can get the intestine moving more regularly, which can help to release redundant gas and coprolite. Getting the intestine to move is especially important if a person is feeling constipated. A walk around the block can give fast relief from gas pressure. 

 2. Try yoga poses 

 Certain yoga acts can place the muscles in the tummy in a way that encourages the release of redundant gas from the GI tract. This can reduce bloating. 

 Child’s Disguise, Happy Baby Disguise, and squats can all help people to relieve a buildup of gas snappily. Learn further about yoga acts for flatulence. 

3. Use peppermint capsules .

 Peppermint canvas capsules may also be helpful for indigestion and affiliated gas. Manufacturers normally vend them as a treatment for the symptoms of illogical bowel pattern (IBS), but people without IBS can also use them to relieve bloating. 

 Peppermint works by relaxing the  interic  muscles, which allows gas and coprolite to move on more successfully . People should always follow the order  on the packet. Anyone who's prone to heartburn may need to avoid peppermint. 

 Peppermint capsules are available to buy over the counter (OTC) at medicine stores or online. 

4. Try gas relief capsules .

 Simethicone capsules and liquid areanti-gas specifics that can help to move redundant air out of the digestive tract. It's essential to always take drug according to the instructions on the marker. 

 People can find gas relievers in medicine stores or online. 

 5. Try abdominal massage .

 Puffing the tummy can help to get the intestine moving. A massage that follows the path of the great intestine is especially usefull. People can follow the way below to do this 

 Placing the hands just above the right hipsterism bone. 

 Rubbing in a indirect stir with light pressure up toward the right side of the ribcage. 

 Rubbing straight across the upper belly area toward the left caricature pen. 

 Moving Sluggishly down toward the left hipsterism bone. 

 Repeating as necessary. 

 Still, it's stylish to discontinue it incontinently, If the massage causes any pain. 

 6. Use essential canvases .

A study from 2016 tested the effectiveness of supplements containing a combination of fennel and curcumin essential canvas in 116 people with mild-to-moderate IBS. After 30 days, people reported an enhancement in their IBS symptoms, including bloating and abdominal pain. 

 People shouldn't consume essential canvases without speaking to a croaker first. This is because some phrasings may be poisonous or can intrude with drug, and there's no regulation of tablets. 

 7. Take a warming bath, soaked, and relaxing .

The heat of the bath can give relief for a sore tummy. Relaxation can reduce stress situations, which may allow the GI tract to serve more effectively and help reduce bloating. 

 Long- term results for bloating .

Quick fixes aren't always effective for some causes of bloating. Still, people who have frequent bloating may find that certain life changes can attack the causes and reduce bloating over time. 

 People can benefit  these simple way to try to help bloating in the long- term .

 8. Increase fiber gradationally .

 Eating more fiber helps to help constipation and bloating. Utmost people in America don't get enough fiber, with only 5 percent of people meeting their recommended diurnal fiber input of 25 grams (g) for ladies and 38 g for males. 

 Still, it's important to bear in mind that eating too important fiber or adding fiber input too snappily can beget indeed more gas and bloating. People may notice adverse goods from eating further than 70 g of fiber a day. 

 When adding fiber input, it's stylish to start sluggishly and increase the input over several weeks to allow the body to acclimate to this change in the diet. 

 9. Replace tonics with water .

Fizzy, carbonated drinks contain gas that can make up in the stomach. The carbon dioxide that makes pop and analogous potables effervescent can also beget washing and bloating in the stomach. 

 Sugars or artificial sweeteners in the diet can also beget gas and bloating. Drinking water remove these issues and helps to celebration constipation as well. 

 10. Avoid biting goo .

 The sugar alcohols in goo can beget bloating in some people. Swallowing air while chewing also may guide to bloating and gas pain. People can use gusto mints or peppermints to refreshen their breath rather. 

When to see a croaker .

 Although it isn't common, bloating and swelling of the tummy can signify a severe medical condition. Liver complaint, seditious bowel complaint, heart failure, order problems, and some types of cancer can beget bloating. 

 Bloating that resume for days or weeks may advisable  health issue that needs medical  observation. It's judicious to speak to a croaker about ongoing bloating that doesn't go down over time. 

 People whose bloating  take place alongside these symptoms should seek medical guidance. 

 appetite changes or trouble eating .



 weight loss 


 severe abdominal pain 

 bright red blood in the coprolite 

 black or dark maroon droppings 

Outlook .

 Eventually, the outlook for bloating depends on the underpinning cause. Utmost of the time, bloating is due to minor issues that life changes or OTC treatments can resolve. 

 People should see a croaker if bloating is ongoing or occurs with other symptoms. Determining the underpinning cause of bloating and other digestive issues is the first step to getting treatment and feeling better. 


Good News For Free Fire Game lovers : Free Fire Max Not Removed From playstore.

Free Fire Max still available on Play Store for Indian stoners after Free Fire is banned .

 Following a surprising rotation  of events, a list make up of 54 operations banned in India, including Free Fire, has been made public. Upon knowledge of the recent decision, the battle royale game's community is in a state of complete shock. 

 The fan base is presently assuming about what will be next, and they have taken to the internet to see if there is any information they can gather. 

 In counting, it's worth mentioning that the Max edition of the game was noticeably away, which led to some indecision among gamers. 

in spite of ban of Free Fire, Max variant still available on Play Store in India .

 Since the publishing of the below list, it's fair to assume that the game's original discard from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store was related to the impending ban. 

 Still, as previously stated, it's notable that the list of banned operations doesn't include Free Fire Max. Stoners can still download and enjoy it on the Android platform, as shown in the image below.


This still does not explain why Apple removed this interpretation from the App Store since it's available on the Google Play Store. 

 Also, gamers have reported that they are suitable to make in- game purchases in Free Fire Max. This is presently not possible in the regular interpretation due to the ban, as stoners are encountering the following error communication .

 Still, for the time being, there is complete ambiguity over the future of the Max interpretation. Nothing has been revealed from the formulators. 

 Response of community about Max explanation still being available.

 Also are a numerous responses from players about the new replication still being available for download after the ban of the game .

It's essential to keep in mind that the newer app's actuality in the Google Play Store remains unknown, and there's no clarity as to whether it will stay or be removed as well.


The CRED App For Your Credit Card Bill Payments.

Then is Why a To work in  The CRED App For Your Credit Card in a  Bill Payments.

Credit card bills are no lower than a headache for  a utmost of us, are not they?

More than ever if you hold  a many credit cards, with a varying billing cycles and due dates to the keep a way of, right?


But what if there is  an a app that helps you keep way of all in this? An a app that not just a reminds you of the forthcoming due to dates but also enables you to the  incontinently pay in the bill also and there, besides  offering a plethora of other exclusive benefits.


 Wondering what it is? It is the CRED App.



This app works hard in a every way so that you do not have to! Eager to the explore how this app helps you relax as a credit card stoner and the unlocks tons of  the benefits? Read on as we are disclose all this for you.


 The Cred Club


CRED is a members- only club in that rewards you for a timely credit card bill payments by a furnishing to a wide range of the  exclusive offers and the  access to decoration guests to the members.


As a platform, Cred allows you, in the credit card stoner, to the  manage multiple cards in a one place and make all  in their payments in one app.


But since it is a members- only club aimed to the promote and award creditworthy individualists, in those with a high credit score are generally eligible for a getting it is a member and gaining access to the exclusive prices upon a payment of in their credit card bills through in the Cred app.


Besides a enabling you to the accessibly pay all your credit card bills under one roof and the transferring you timely monuments for in the same, there are a lot of the  unique features and benefits of the  making payments through in the Cred app. Let's meaningful dive a bit and the understand in them.


1. CRED Rent Pay & Education Freights


2.  One of the Cred app benefits under it is a super point of the  CRED Max order is the payment of your education freights and the  yearly rent and that too instant payments available 24 * 7.


3. Rent Pay allows you to the pay your yearly rent through to your credit cards, directly from in the CRED  in a app. By a paying rent on the CRED app through your credit card, you can mileage yourself of a plethora of the  benefits similar as a interest-free credit ages, price points on a credit card fidelity in a programs, use to your CRED coins to get a abatement on your rent payment and much more! . And the lately launched point of the education freights payment through a Cred App, whether it is your education freights, council freights or a academy freights, enables you to the cost cash back on a paying it through Cred Coins! .

2. CRED Pay


This point is a new payment experience for a CRED members, available on a select trafficker in a platforms. It is a offers you a safe and the pleasurable one-click checkout experience using a credit cards formerly saved on a CRED. By a using CRED Coins during a checkout, you as a member can be a  mileage of the  abatement on an array of products from a plethora of the  brands.

4. CRED Cove

CRED is also a equipped with the point of the CRED cover, which is an a AI- backed in a system that keeps track of every single nuance of your credit card payment trip- right from due to date monuments, spend a patterns, discovery of the retired charges and other card operation in a  statistics. Is not it a super benefit . So why not a join in  the Cred club and go for a CRED Credit Card Bill Payment, which will be a unleash lots of the instigation benefits rather than just a letting you simply pay in the bill!

 What About a Exclusive Prices On a Making Credit Card Bill Payment Through a CRED?

As a CRED member, you are not just a suitable to timely get a monuments so that you do not miss out on your credit card bill payments (which saves you from incurring hefty finance charges of the  around 40 sire and late payment freights), but you indeed get a awarded for in the payments, in the form of the CRED coins. And also? You can use a CRED coins to the claim exclusive prices and other gratuities.

These prices are include a wide array of the  benefits, similar as a abatement and the  special offers while a shopping from a partnered merchandisers ( including a brands like a Swig, Mantra, Zomato, Ajio, Amazon, Book My Show, Tata C liq, mg, Cult fit, Samsung etc) and the  picky goods/ services across a orders like a food, fixing, electronics, shopping, heartiness etc, besides other benefits are including cash backs, validations, etc. You can indeed play a daily jacks and win a instigation in a  prizes!

Also, CRED’s referral program are offers you benefits like a assured cash back or a picky products whenever in  the appertained people pay in  their credit card bill! . And that is not all. On your Cred dashboard, you get to see your smart statement containing to your spending, refunds and cash backs, payment in a history, card offers etc.

Besides all these super features, CRED also are offers you the benefit of  the shadowing and perfecting to your credit score through in the app. Remember in that figure-up and conservation of a high credit score is one of the high benefits of the paying credit card bills on a time, piecemeal from of the  course saving you from in the hefty applicable in a charges.

You can also a check out the other investigative products under a CRED, similar as a CRED Cash (for a lending) and the CRED Mint (for a investing).

 How To the  Apply For a CRED Class?


Since CRED is a member-only in a platform, you can be a apply for its class by a subscribing up with your full name and a valid Indian mobile number on the app. Once your credit score is a checked from credit divisions like a C I B I L, Experience and C R I F, and your score falls into the accepted eligibility score criterion of the CRED, you will be accepted as a member of the CRED. And formerly you come a member, you will be a suitable to pierce the curated set of  the exclusive prices and the  boons in that are offered by a CRED!

 Cred's Rearmost Crusade


On the occasion of the  New Year on 2022, CRED had a blazoned a special crusade aiming to the give 5 lakh refection to the  vulnerable children. Cred members can be make a payment towards it by a using in their CRED Coins.

best credit app in india : postpe - India's first QR Credit App.


Stylish credit app in india postpe-India's first QR Credit App.



 What's postpe?


 postpe is a new way to pay, and makes spending easy. In collaboration with lending mates, you can spend now and pay coming month. postpe offers a line of credit (after necessary KYC completion) which can be used anytime, anywhere to buy goods and services- moreover by surveying a QR or by using the postpe card. When it's time to pay your bill, you can clear your pretenses in one go, or convert to an Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) with term of your choice. Get started now!


 How can I use post   


postpe can be used for both online and offline deals- spend anytime, anywhere!


. • By surveying a QR, you can pay millions of BharatPe merchandisers directly.


 • You're assigned a virtual postpe card that you can use to pay online across millions of websites. Also, you can order a physical postpe card to pay at offline stores by swiping or tapping your card-in cooperation with Visa, Mastercard, or RuPay.


 • We may from time to time modify being products, features, or services, or else introduce new features or services on or through postpe .


What are the benefits of using postpe?



 postpe is the newest payment mode in city, and it makes shopping and spending easy .


 • You can spend online and offline via both QR and card factors  


 • With the postpe card and app, you can accessibly pay at millions of merchandisers with the payment form factor of your choice.


• And when it's time to pay your pretenses, you can convert the outstanding quantum into an EMI with a term of your choice. Whether it's the rearmost smartphone or a packet of chips, you decide what you want to buy on credit.


 • You also earn instigative cashback and prices!


 Credit Limit .



 How do I subscribe up for postpe?



You can subscribe up for postpe by vindicating your mobile number and also completing your KYC using Visage and Aadhaar number


 What's the maximum credit limit I can get?


 You can get a credit limit of over to 10 lakhs post completion of full KYC. This limit increases as you continue using postpe and making timely disbursements.




How can I come eligible for/ order a postpe card?


 You can order postpe card from the cards section of the app.


 Can I withdraw my postpe balance via ATM pullout?


 You can not withdraw your limit via ATM.


How can I spark my postpe card?


 postpe card can be actuated from the cards section of the app.


 Where can I use my postpe card?


 With your postpe card, you can pay at offline stores by swiping or tapping your card, and online as well. Do not vacillate to use this wherever you'd like!


Are there any redundant charges I should know about?


 Yes, some stores where you swipe your card may levy fresh charges (surcharges) similar as at energy stations, liquor stores, etc. These charges are government regulated and are assessed by the trafficker directly.


 How do I manage my card settings?


 You can manage your card through the app by clicking on the card from the home screen and going into card settings


 Shoot Money & Transfer


 How can I shoot plutocrat to my musketeers and family?


 Shoot Plutocrat makes participating the postpe love with musketeers and family super easy.


 • Simply enter the phone number of the receiver you would like to shoot plutocrat to and elect the quantum (from your approved limit) that you would like to partake with them. This would also be subtracted from your limit


• To get the quantum, all they need to do is subscribe up for postpe using the same mobile number, and the quantum will be staying for them.


 • In case they're formerly a postpe stoner, the plutocrat you shoot will be available for them to use incontinently . So partake the postpe magic as a surprise!


 Can I shoot plutocrat to myself?


You can shoot plutocrat to your bank account. The quantum transferred would be subtracted from your limit



 How is my bill generated?


 The billing cycle begins on the 1st day of the month and ends on the last of the same month. All card and QR deals during the month are consolidated and settled on the 1st day of the coming month.


For illustration, the billing cycle for the month of October'21 would work as follows Deals between Oct 1'21 and Oct 31'21 will be billed together. The bill for the October'21 cycle is generated on November 1'21.


 You must elect a payment plan for your bill by November 5'21. You may choose one of the ensuing options


 • Pay your bill in full- zero freights.


 • Convert your bill into EMIs of 3 to 6 months- interest will be charged and the quantum will be shown at the time of EMI creation.




How can I pay my bill?



 There are multiple ways by which you repay your outstanding or due quantities. On the home screen, click" Pay Now "or" Clear Pretenses" and choose between paying now or converting to EMI.


 • You can choose an EMI with term of your choice.


 • To pay now, you can pay via several options like UPI, disbenefit card, or net banking .


When do I've to repay for the quantum spent in a month?


Your bill will be generated on the 1st of coming month. You'll be given 5 days grace period from your due date to repay the quantum.



 What are the charges?


 There's no charge on the credit extended for the billing cycle where you have paid the entire outstanding pretenses within the said period.


• If converted into EMI, also an interest rate of1.5 per month is levied. However, also there will be late figure of 0, If you don't pay an EMI by the due date.1 levied for each day starting from the date of bill generation on the quantum due.


 These quantities can be fluently viewed when viewing your pretenses in the app.


 Where can I see my impending / ongoing EMIs?



 You can see your pending and ongoing EMIs fluently from the home screen


What should I do if the generated bill is converted in to


investiture for the cancelled deals of my card? 



 And the same for reimbursed deals?


 Generally, merchandisers shoot cancellation evidence within 7 days, but it varies for different merchandisers. We'll reimburse the cancelled sale within three working days after entering the evidence. It might be possible that cancellation evidence is entered after the bill is converted into investiture for that period. However, the same refunds will be added to your credit balance directly and the same carry encouraged quantum will be acclimated in the forthcoming card bill, If the cancelled order

refund came after the quantum has been billed and paid. You can outlook your credit balance in the app.


 What happens if I don't choose a payment plan by the 5th?



 Still, also the full payment option is decided in by dereliction, If you don't choose your payment plan by the 5th. In this case, you ’ll have to pay interest from the bill generation date to the date of making the payment along with late freights of0.1 levied for each day on the quantum due starting from the date of bill generation


When can my postpe account get blocked?



 Your postpe account may be suspended if you fail to pay your outstanding pretenses within a period of 6 days from date of payment due. In utmost cases, the block on your account will be lifted at the foremost when you pay the outstanding pretenses in full. However, we may not be suitable to lift the block on your account , If flagged as risk. Rewards


 What's relate and earn, how does it work?


. Relate and Earn is way for you to earn cash back as you relate more friend to postpe!


 • All you need to do is relate your musketeers. Once they subscribe up and are assigned a credit line, you qualify for an increase in your league of cash back and your friend gets assigned 1 cash back league. The further musketeers you relate, the advanced you go in cash back categories.


 • Cash back league means that if you relate 1 friend, for the entire month spends, you get that position of cash back from the date of qualifying for that league.

 For illustration, if you relate 1 friend on 15th of the month and 2nd friend on 20th of the month. You'll get 1 cash back on your spend deals from 15th and 2 cash back from 20th till end of the month.


• Your cash back league is valid for the month in which your appertained musketeers come active. At the end of each month cycle, your cash back league will reset to 0 and you can relate further musketeers to move back over again. Get started now!


 • Under this scheme, you'll earn maximum. 5 cash back on spend during the month or limit assigned (whichever is lower)


 How long is my cash back league valid for?  



 Cash back league is valid for the spends of 1 month, and resets to 0 during the coming month. Relate further musketeers to climb categories again.



 I want to talk to someone and need further help


 Please telegraph us


 Who are postpe's lending mates?


postpe is created in cooperation with NBFCs and banks that are registered with the Reserve Bank of India


 How can I get in handle with my lender?


 You'll admit the Sanction Letter cum Loan to your phone via SMS or Whats App. You can also communicate your lender

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