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The CRED App For Your Credit Card Bill Payments.

Then is Why a To work in  The CRED App For Your Credit Card in a  Bill Payments.

Credit card bills are no lower than a headache for  a utmost of us, are not they?

More than ever if you hold  a many credit cards, with a varying billing cycles and due dates to the keep a way of, right?


But what if there is  an a app that helps you keep way of all in this? An a app that not just a reminds you of the forthcoming due to dates but also enables you to the  incontinently pay in the bill also and there, besides  offering a plethora of other exclusive benefits.


 Wondering what it is? It is the CRED App.



This app works hard in a every way so that you do not have to! Eager to the explore how this app helps you relax as a credit card stoner and the unlocks tons of  the benefits? Read on as we are disclose all this for you.


 The Cred Club


CRED is a members- only club in that rewards you for a timely credit card bill payments by a furnishing to a wide range of the  exclusive offers and the  access to decoration guests to the members.


As a platform, Cred allows you, in the credit card stoner, to the  manage multiple cards in a one place and make all  in their payments in one app.


But since it is a members- only club aimed to the promote and award creditworthy individualists, in those with a high credit score are generally eligible for a getting it is a member and gaining access to the exclusive prices upon a payment of in their credit card bills through in the Cred app.


Besides a enabling you to the accessibly pay all your credit card bills under one roof and the transferring you timely monuments for in the same, there are a lot of the  unique features and benefits of the  making payments through in the Cred app. Let's meaningful dive a bit and the understand in them.


1. CRED Rent Pay & Education Freights


2.  One of the Cred app benefits under it is a super point of the  CRED Max order is the payment of your education freights and the  yearly rent and that too instant payments available 24 * 7.


3. Rent Pay allows you to the pay your yearly rent through to your credit cards, directly from in the CRED  in a app. By a paying rent on the CRED app through your credit card, you can mileage yourself of a plethora of the  benefits similar as a interest-free credit ages, price points on a credit card fidelity in a programs, use to your CRED coins to get a abatement on your rent payment and much more! . And the lately launched point of the education freights payment through a Cred App, whether it is your education freights, council freights or a academy freights, enables you to the cost cash back on a paying it through Cred Coins! .

2. CRED Pay


This point is a new payment experience for a CRED members, available on a select trafficker in a platforms. It is a offers you a safe and the pleasurable one-click checkout experience using a credit cards formerly saved on a CRED. By a using CRED Coins during a checkout, you as a member can be a  mileage of the  abatement on an array of products from a plethora of the  brands.

4. CRED Cove

CRED is also a equipped with the point of the CRED cover, which is an a AI- backed in a system that keeps track of every single nuance of your credit card payment trip- right from due to date monuments, spend a patterns, discovery of the retired charges and other card operation in a  statistics. Is not it a super benefit . So why not a join in  the Cred club and go for a CRED Credit Card Bill Payment, which will be a unleash lots of the instigation benefits rather than just a letting you simply pay in the bill!

 What About a Exclusive Prices On a Making Credit Card Bill Payment Through a CRED?

As a CRED member, you are not just a suitable to timely get a monuments so that you do not miss out on your credit card bill payments (which saves you from incurring hefty finance charges of the  around 40 sire and late payment freights), but you indeed get a awarded for in the payments, in the form of the CRED coins. And also? You can use a CRED coins to the claim exclusive prices and other gratuities.

These prices are include a wide array of the  benefits, similar as a abatement and the  special offers while a shopping from a partnered merchandisers ( including a brands like a Swig, Mantra, Zomato, Ajio, Amazon, Book My Show, Tata C liq, mg, Cult fit, Samsung etc) and the  picky goods/ services across a orders like a food, fixing, electronics, shopping, heartiness etc, besides other benefits are including cash backs, validations, etc. You can indeed play a daily jacks and win a instigation in a  prizes!

Also, CRED’s referral program are offers you benefits like a assured cash back or a picky products whenever in  the appertained people pay in  their credit card bill! . And that is not all. On your Cred dashboard, you get to see your smart statement containing to your spending, refunds and cash backs, payment in a history, card offers etc.

Besides all these super features, CRED also are offers you the benefit of  the shadowing and perfecting to your credit score through in the app. Remember in that figure-up and conservation of a high credit score is one of the high benefits of the paying credit card bills on a time, piecemeal from of the  course saving you from in the hefty applicable in a charges.

You can also a check out the other investigative products under a CRED, similar as a CRED Cash (for a lending) and the CRED Mint (for a investing).

 How To the  Apply For a CRED Class?


Since CRED is a member-only in a platform, you can be a apply for its class by a subscribing up with your full name and a valid Indian mobile number on the app. Once your credit score is a checked from credit divisions like a C I B I L, Experience and C R I F, and your score falls into the accepted eligibility score criterion of the CRED, you will be accepted as a member of the CRED. And formerly you come a member, you will be a suitable to pierce the curated set of  the exclusive prices and the  boons in that are offered by a CRED!

 Cred's Rearmost Crusade


On the occasion of the  New Year on 2022, CRED had a blazoned a special crusade aiming to the give 5 lakh refection to the  vulnerable children. Cred members can be make a payment towards it by a using in their CRED Coins.

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