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best free andoid applications to make gretings.

10 stylish e-card apps for Android .

 E-cards are digital cards or chatting cards. People used to use them all the time to shoot digital birthday cards and other similar effects over dispatch. They are n’t as popular as they formerly were. Still, numerous people still use them from time to time. It’s a nice way to improve up an dispatch felicitating a colleague or familiarity on a birthday, creation, or another big life event.  


 123 Greetings 

Card Snacks 


 Ink Cards 

 Invitation Card Maker 

Jacquie Lawson Ecards 

 Jib Jab 

 just Wink 

 My Postcard 

Simply Cards 

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 123 Greetings 

23 Greetings is one of the most  approved options for ecard apps. It houses over greeting cards for a variety of occasions. Some exemplifications include birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, utmost leaves, and more. Also, the service has greeting cards with GIF or videotape content to add a bit of redundant spice. You can record card transferring up to 60 days in advance and there's an intertwined memorial function to remind you of important dates. The monthly subscription price is also veritably reasonable. 

 Card Snacks 

 Card Snacks is a nicely good ecard app.  This bone also has a bunch of customization options, including music, GIFs, stickers, and more. Therefore, it’s a bit more involved than just picking a introductory card and transferring it on its way.  Like utmost, you can record deliveries or shoot right down. You do need to produce an account for effects like monuments, but else it’s an easy app to use. 


Greetify is another decent spot for some ecards. This bone has all kinds of events, indeed introductory stuff like good morning or good evening. The UI is simple and easy to use, indeed it takes a bit to scroll through everything. The app boasts a collection of greeting cards overall. However, it would be an easier way to sort through all of them, If we had any feedback for the inventor.  That’s not a huge deal because it does n’t house anything except for your pets (the heart icon). It surely has a couple of weird effects, but the greeting cards are good and they're easy to partake. 

 Essay Cards .

 Essay Cards is commodity a little bit different. It allows you to produce, buy, and boat factual greeting cards. The cards are published on 5 × 7 lustrous cardstock for around$ 2 each. You can upgrade to a more precious card made of better accoutrements. There arepre-made cards for a bunch of leaves and special occasions. You can also customize cards with your own particular traces. Occasionally people only shoot ecards because it’s annoying to go find a card nearly. Well, this alleviates the problem. You simply buy the card and the company prints it and vessels where you want. 

 Assignation Card Maker .

 Assignation Card Maker is an app that lets you produce assignation cards. For illustration, you can produce a card for an forthcoming BBQ. Formerly done, the image saves to your gallery and you can shoot it via textbook, dispatch, or still. The rudiments on the card are generally customizable so you can organize stuff in the way you want. It actually enough well and utmost of the controls are tone-explicatory. There are a many RVSP- style ecard apps that work well, including Assignation Maker by Nilesh Jain (Google Play) and Felicitations Island (Google Play). Between this app and those two, you should be suitable to find what you need. 

 Jacquie Lawson Ecards .

 Jacquie Lawson Ecards is kind of like a exchange for ecard apps. It does n’t have a ton of cards with only about 400 total selections. Still, the app boasts hand- drawn artwork. Supposedly, the artists draw the card and also they overlook it, amp it, and add it to the app. The app lets you add dispatches with over to characters. You can also record deliveries and get monuments for effects. The monthly subscription is a bit precious compared to utmost, but some of these cards are actually veritably nice looking and are tastefully done. 

 Jib Jab 

JibJab is another good ecard app. Like utmost, it has a bunch of ecards for a bunch of special occasions and leaves. You can partake wherever you want. There's some customization.  A many of the features requires the subscription. Some druggies complain about the lack of content in multiple languages. Still, overall, you can find a lot of good stuff then as long as you do n’t mind paying for some of it. 

 just Wink 

 just Wink is another good regards cards app with some decent features.  This bone also boasts friendly cards for stuff like LGBTQ, commodity you do n’t see in a ton of ecard apps. You can put an image outside along with a communication to customize it a bit more. It could surely be more, but it’s a good top ten option. 

 My Postcard .

My Postcard allows you to produce custom made cards. Like some apps on this list, this app lets you produce factual, physical cards with your own print and your own communication. Pricing starts at$2.29 and that includes printing and shipping. You pick a neat print, add a communication, pay the fine, and the card is transferred to your loved one. The app also lets you order prints of your prints if you want to. 

Simply Cards.

Simply Cards is another app that lets you send physical postcards to people that you personalize. The app lets you pick from your own photos from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, or Dropbox. It also integrates with Pixabay to choose another image if you prefer. It then gives you a bunch of themes and personalization options. From there, you pay the $2.89 for each card. The company prints and ships it for you. Like My Postcard, you can also just order photo prints if you want to for an added cost. It’s a good service and people seem to really like it.

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