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Astronauts' excrement bags and overcooked foodbags are also included in the trash!  If we talk about objects of significant size, their number will be around 31,000.  Apart from that, it is not surprising that small 'dust-piles' are in the millions.  

This unwanted traffic is mainly concentrated in orbits of 200 to 300 miles, the other belt of traffic is in a fixed orbit of 2,500 miles high, both of which can be compared with Bhuleshwar in Mumbai or the elite area of ​​Ahmedabad.

💥🤔વિશ્વનું એકમાત્ર અજબ ગામ જ્યાં આજ સુધી કદી વરસાદ જ નથી પડ્યો

કારણ જાણીને ચોંકી જશો

આ ગામ વાદળા થી ઉપર આવેલું છે

આવો અદભુત નજારો તમે કદી નહિ જોયો હોય....

વિડીયો  👇👇👇

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 The problem of space debris has become more serious since China acted wisely a few years ago.  China has developed its own anti-satellite missile.  To test the missile, China targeted one of its own waste satellites.  Rotating at an altitude of 30 km above the earth, the satellite weighed one ton.

 The ground-to-air missile was launched by China at a speed of 5,000 km per hour.  As a result, thousands of small and large pieces of this satellite were scattered all over the sky.  Gradually these debris formed an entire belt towards the earth.

 The whole world was shocked by this missile test of China.  Because of this anti-satellite missile experiment, China has exacerbated the global problem of airborne debris.

 India experimented with mission power but was careful to test the low orbit of a dummy satellite that could be fired by a missile collision.  So that the pieces of debris become extinct within 3 days.

 The wreckage is not just caused by the innocent activity of launching satellites.  'Whatever happens to people, what will happen to our father?'  Russia and the United States have sometimes acted irresponsibly.  E.g.  Ten Delta-type American rockets exploded in space due to their explosive fuel.  And were shattered to pieces.  The United States has not shown interest in securing these rockets for years, just as Russia has conducted numerous experiments with "Hunter-Killer" satellite-lights similar to those of China, which have resulted in the disintegration of some satellites.

 It may seem unbelievable, but when a 1,000-pound satellite flies, it can be split into tens of millions of small and large splinters!  Of these, even a pea-sized splinter could harm the space shuttle (or the newly launched ISRO satellite).  In one such experiment, a six-gram splinter slammed into an aluminum brick at a speed of 12,500 miles, causing the brick to explode!  Why does this kind of injury happen to the space shuttle?  And how many wreckage does that computer on earth keep track of?

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