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Download OLD PENTION SCHEME Detail explaination

Download OLD PENTION SCHEME Detail explaination

MP government can save four thousand crore rupees annually by giving old pension. More than a hundred MLAs of power and opposition are in favor of old pension. 3.35 2.87 contributory pension scheme 500 Navduniya Khabar, lakh employees, lakh teachers are involved in the state.  

The total eligible employees of old pension are eligible for Bhopal (State Bureau).  Whatever may be the stand of the Madhya Pradesh government regarding the restoration of old pension of employees, experts say that not only the employees but the government also benefits from this.  

The government can save an amount of more than four thousand 128 crores annually in the current situation by implementing old pension.  This will also make the employee happy.  Which can also have political benefits.  About 100 MLAs, including Congress and BJP, have agreed to restore old pension.  Now the government has to take a decision.

  It is to be known that about three lakh 35 thousand employees in the state are eligible for old pension.  In this way, understand that the old government is also getting three thousand rupees from the benefits, in which 10 percent amount is deducted from the basic salary of the employees.  In which 14 percent government is involved.  The employee gets 40 to 60 percent of the total deposit amount along with interest in a lump sum on retirement.  

Pension is available from the rest, which is currently being available from five hundred to three thousand rupees.  Pension benefits of employees also bat-bat If old pension is given, then at the time of retirement the employee will get 50 percent of the salary received in the form of pension.  

He will not even have to deduct the amount from his salary.  Not only this, if the employee will be benefited by the restoration of gratuity old pension, then the government will also be in profit.  Where currently Rs 344 crore is being spent as pension contribution every month, those retiring for 14 years will get only Rs 15 crore annually. 

The largest number (2.87 lakh) of the employees covered under the Contributory Pension Scheme in the state is about 20 lakh teachers.  They have been appointed from 1995 to 2013, but in 2018 the government considered them as regular employees.  85% of these teachers will be 60 years old after 2032.  Then they will have to pay pension.  The remaining 15% teachers will also get the benefit of Rs.), GPF and dearness allowance which increases every six months.  On the death of the pensioner, the family members will get family pension.  Retirement is to be frequent, but his salary is low.  Therefore, the pension will be 9 to 15 thousand rupees monthly.  If all the 48 thousand permanent workers also had to pay pension, then six crore rupees would be spent monthly.  -Bharat Patel President, Azad Teachers' Teachers' Association, some people have retired after the Nayashadaya pension implementation.  He is getting only two thousand pension.  So how will the pensioner live? 

 The government also has the benefit of giving old pension only.  Sudhir Nayak, employee leader The government has to get seven thousand rupees every month in the account of an employee (teacher).  This amount is Rs 210 crore in a month.  That is, 2520 crore rupees 48 thousand permanent workers are also under the purview of this pension in a year.  On an average, the government has to deposit 2800 rupees every month in their account.  This amount is 134 crores in the month and 1608 crores in the year. 

 On implementing the old pension, the government will save this amount every month.  Will retire in the next 10 years (an average of two hundred every month).  The government will have to spend only five crores (60 crores annually) on his pension every month.  Whereas other permanent workers are completing 60 years of age.  their

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