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Life : Personal Diary, Journal App

Your personal and secure diary application. Write a personal diary, journal app, journals, notebooks and memories! Write your life journey and save those memories forever. You can also write journals, notes, to-do lists and your daily plans in this diary application. It is also a note keeper, you can keep your notes in this diary app. This is a pocket diary where you can express yourself. Write your secrets and feelings in this life diary.

Keep the memorable moments and milestones of your life in it.

This personal diary comes with a password lock and is also a diary with a fingerprint lock. You can add your photo memories to the photo collection in this personal diary with lock.

કાશ્મીર ફાઇલ મૂવી ટ્રેલર જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

The passcode will protect your journal and notes forever. The Life Diary app will be your perfect companion for expressing yourself. This journal application works perfectly in offline, it is offline diary.

We often write diaries at night, which is why we offer a free night theme in this diary app. This allows you to relax completely and write your diary at night.

We know that font customization is very important for a better experience which is why we offer a complete set of font customization options like font size, font type etc. with free night mode.


The app also supports voice input, you can just use your voice to write an article. Because not everyone likes to use the keyboard but you can create a diary note using your melodious voice. The Speech to Text option makes it very easy to use. You can also customize the diary with a collection of themes available, including the exclusive Dark Mode.

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