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3 types of work of primary school principals and teachers

The person who teaches is called teacher. The word teacher (teacher) is the feminine form of 'teacher' (teacher). It can be used either singular or plural.

Those who are able to awaken the desire to learn in the mind of the disciple are called teachers.

The future of a person is made by the teacher and the teacher is the person who brings about improvement. According to ancient Indian beliefs, the position of a teacher is considered higher than God because it is the teacher who teaches us to choose the path of right or wrong. : Guru: Sakshat Param Brahm Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah. Kabir says Guru Gobind Dou Khade Kake Lagoo Paya Balihari Guru Aapno Govind Diyo Bataye. The teacher generally protects the society from evil and tries to make people a best person. That's why we can say that the teacher is the true guide of his disciple.

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Teacher has always given a new direction by reforming the society. Teachers inculcate the feeling of social welfare in us. From making an ordinary man a great warrior, to making an ordinary person knowledgeable, ideal, the teacher has an important contribution. In fact, giving education is the work of the biggest religion because only due to education a society can develop and prosper. Man should become a teacher and distribute knowledge to everyone, so that the welfare of the society is done.

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