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Caller Name Announcer

 Caller Name PhotoUnsor is an Android application that advertises incoming caller name, SMS sender name, SMS content, call on alert, call flash on call screen etc.

The caller's name is announced by the speaker. When you make a call or send a message, you can recognize it by looking at your smartphone.

If you saved the name in the contact list, declare the name of the caller name speaker application. If the number is not a service in your contact list, it will reveal that the number is calling you from anything. This ID announcer and SMS content advertiser app is the best choice for Android when you are working, driving or doing other things. To set your phone in hands-free mode.

Caller Name Announcer and SMS "Incoming" Uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to speak caller's name or SMS name and SMS content.

Caller Name Speaker: If your smartphone does not have a text-to-speech library, Irkadi Declare will not work, but this is not a problem. You can easily download it through Google Play Store.

How Caller ID Declarator Works

Disclose the name of the caller is in contact

If contact does not exist, call later

Wake up SMS content and speak the name of the sender

Caller ID Ad:

Caller ID is the name of the caller who advertises. No need to look at your phone anymore. True ID Declarator will act just like your personal secretary. As a caller name, Unsur gives its users the freedom to choose different ring tunes according to their needs and the Unser White List organization.

Caller Call Call Flash Screen:

Download Application

The Color Screen Changer app reminds us of incoming calls via a color screen display. Screen Themes app allows you to set the call screen theme for all contacts or call flash for specific people.


Bright and bright power flashlight application that uses bright LED flashlight. Featured Flashlight for Android Phones and Tablets. Uses the camera's LED flash to emit bright light. Please note that some devices do not have flash cameras. Once you have downloaded the flashlight, you should never forget to bring this torch with you.

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