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How To Check LPG Subsidy Account Number Online

Now check your gas subsidy sitting at home, you can install this app very easily through the app, and you will get complete information about the number of times the gas agency has taken gas from the agency from which your connection has been taken.

How to check the status of gas subsidy from mobile.

Consumers can get subsidy in their bank account through two methods.

Aadhaar number will be the medium of transfer. This number should be linked to his / her bank account and the LPG customer number provided.

If the customer does not have Aadhaar number, he / she can get the subsidy directly in the bank account by giving the bank account information to the LPG distributor or by providing his / her bank 17 digit LPG customer ID.

How to check LPG gas subsidy Step by step information:

Step 1: First open the website

Step 2: Here you will find the names of three companies, select the company in which you have an account.

Step 3: Clicking on a new page will open some windows. Click on the window with online feedback.

Step 4: Now enter your LPG gas subsidy number

Step 5: All the details of the subsidy are displayed on this page.

Read All Details In Gujarati

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Step 6: If there is any subsidy in your account other than yours, you can complain online on this page.

Step 7: Open this website to register new LPG gas subsidy

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