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 In the event of a fake call or a fraud, you may not know where in the call came from or who made it. But this is a trick to know in a whose name in the SIM card is a registered. In it you can be learn about to your SIM as well as other SIM . For that you have to the  download an a app. You have to the download in the app of the telecom company whose number you have.

Idea-Vodafone is a available on all App Play stores, are including Airtel. It can be a downloaded for a free. The process of  knowing in the name of the  SIM Honor is a very similar in all these. However, B S N L's SIM information cannot be a deleted through in this process. Here we are telling you in the trick to know in the sim honor number of the  Idea number.

What is the use

Often we do not even know in whose name our SIM is a registered. In whose name did we get the SIM? This trick works.

There are thousands of  the cases of  the SIM issuance on a fake identities nowadays. It is a also possible to know whether in the SIM number given to us is in our name or a not.

Let us a know what to do

Step 1

First go to the Play Store and download in the My Idea app. Allow a application are download.

Step 2

Now you have to the  enter your mobile number in the common given here. O T P number one will be a sent. Complete in the registration process by a entering that O T P in the app.

Step 3

Your account will be now be opened. You will see a name at the top of the app, which will be the real owner of that sim. If the name is yours, fine, but if it is not yours, it means that your SIM is in a someone else's name.

Just a enter to your SIM card numbers and get a full details in a 1 second.

Know in the owner number of the  mobile number The app are provides information on how to know the owner name of  the mobile number for a mobile number of all the SIM operators.

If you have received a call from an a unknown number, you can be a easily find in the name of the caller using in this app. This application guides you through in the simple process of knowing the name of the SIM owner.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપૂર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી

અહીંથી ઓફિશિયલ સાઈટ પરથી વિગતો ચેક કરો

How to get a call details of any a number application helps in a Indian prepaid telecom users to the find numbers for a specific operations like a recharge, key, message, net balance are inquiry, find in their own number and the customer care number. The app currently supports a telecom operators such as a Airtel, Aircrew, Idea, Vodafone, Uni-nor, Tat Do com, B S N L and  the Reliance.

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