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What is DigiLocker

 What is DigiLocker - Due to the increasing use of the net nowadays, the government is also aiming to digitize everything. In particular, Modiji has started the Digital India Revolution. In which everything works, be it a government scheme, bank payments are making everyone digital. Earlier in the episode, the government launched an app called DigiLocker. Which you can use to store your documents online. Today we are going to talk about DigiLocker.

DigiLocker is a Government of India Digital India initiative. DigiLocker is a feature that allows us to save soft copies of all our documents online on a website or mobile application. From now on, the Government of India has recognized soft copy as much as hard copy. Now whether your credentials are saved in your phone or lying in your purse, both are identical. That is, if we say that in future you can vote by showing your Water ID card on your phone, it would not be wrong.

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How secure is Digilocker?

If we talk about the security of DigiLocker, DigiLocker is as secure as our bank account or net banking. In Digilocker we have to create a user ID and password. And we have to link it with our Aadhaar card. Along with this, we will also have to register our mobile numbers. Only after all these processes do you create your account in Digilocker.

Now whenever you want to use any of your certificates from Digilocker, you have to log in with your user ID and password. An OTP will then come to your registered mobile number, you will have to enter that code after logging in. Only then will you be able to view and use your certificate, and document. That way, Digilocker is as secure as our bank account.

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To use the digital locker, you must first register yourself on the website. DigiLocker is now available in both the website and the app. You can also download the app to your mobile if you wish.

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