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What is TrueCaller ? How to use TrueCaller

What is TrueCaller: Many of you probably know this. Those who have a smartphone today definitely use TrueColor, as it has many advantages of its own. Many people do not have a TrueCaller key, but we can find an unknown number (by what name the number is saved and what state it belongs to, what telecom operator it belongs to. Anything has its advantages, its There are also disadvantages. This also raises many questions in our minds about what Truecolor is, and how Truecolor works.

Whether Truecolor is safe is a hotly debated topic. In August 2019, there was news that Truecaller was sending an SMS request for UPI registration to the bank without the user's knowledge, this news was also confirmed by Truecaller himself who said that this was due to a bug in Truecaller Was, which has now been fixed. In this case, many people also want to know how we can delete our name and number from TrueCaller. So today you will find Truecolor Key Puri Zankari through this article.

What is TrueCaller?

TrueCaller is the digital global phone directory that we access through the web and smartphone app. This is an application that gives you information about unknown calls coming to your smart phone. Using this, you can get information about almost all unknown calls.

This application was developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, a private company. The aim is to create a global phone directory containing phone numbers from around the world. And TrueCaller users can recognize any incoming unknown call.

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TrueCaller uses a crowd source to collect data. When we sign up in TrueCaller or install its app on our mobile, it asks for some permission from us, one of these permissions is CONTACT ACCESS, when we give this permission TrueCaller touches all the contacts of our phone. It can view and even save on its own server.

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