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Recover a Deleted All the  Photos, Files And Contacts app with a contacts recovery or a restore contacts feature is an a awesome recovery app for a deleted photo and the video. Photo & the video restore or a photo video are recovery have a never been in this easy and this app does not a require root.


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Sometimes it is a happens when you delete a accidentally a photo from your phone, and start a looking for a good tool that can be restore it for you can be bring you a headache. To solve in this problem all what you have to do is the download a recovers data recovery for a android and let it scan to your entire phone’s internal and the external memory.

# Restore a deleted in a files from a any type of  the volume internal in a storage, SD card.
# Recover a documents, pictures, music, archives, ebooks and the  binaries.
# recovery a app for a deleted in a photo from a internal memory.
# recovery a app for a deleted photo and video s d card.
# This application can be a restore all your manually deleted in a contacts.
# Recovery a app for a deleted video.
# Scan for a deleted in a contacts.

Video are Recovery with in this photo video are restores or a photo video are recovery app one can be a restore deleted videos without a root. This app allows you to take a backup of all your videos and the restore a video from in the backup in a case you delete them. This photo & the video restore or a photo video are recovery or a contact recovery app helps you restore contacts or a recover deleted contacts for a free and without a root.

Contact recovery or a restore contacts have a never been in this ease with the all new contacts recovery app. This is a recover deleted pictures and the recover deleted video files use a recovery a app Recover Deleted All the Photos, Files And the Contacts. This is a application use recover files and data in a recover files from memory card of the  recover files after a factory reset. You can get a backup and restore using in this app.

This is a backup files app of the backup file manager of the  backup video from a deleted. It is a call the backup app and backup photos from a deleted also you can get a backup contact. it is a backup photos and the videos app and the backup photo images. This is a recover deleted all the files photos and the  videos from a phone memory and the recover deleted all the files photos and the videos from a s d card of the recover deleted all the  files photos and contacts. This is a file backup and the  restore of the file backup in a software. 

Whether you accidentally deleted a contact, or a even restore to your phone to the factory default in a settings, in this app will be  help you rescue to your contacts effectively and the  recover a deleted all the files, photos and the  contacts. This deletes file backup in a device of the delete file a recovery from mobile phone.

deleted file is a very powerful application that can be a backup or a restore all the  applications and a few other things on your phone are installed. Biggest issue for a use is a recover deleted data on a android. Now resolve in this issue by a phone recovery app which will be a recover photos of your phone if it is a reset. Contact a recovery can be a  restore to your deleted contacts from your internal phone database and the restore them in the original contact thread, without a any prior backup, no p c needed. This are recover contacts of  the receive & restore using in this app and the app backup & the restore 

app backup restore of the  app restore in a apps backup. In this app auto backup apps backup restore tool also backup tool of the  restore a p k you can get a data backup is a easy backup and You can be a recover deleted photos and delete photos and photo backup. This delete file a recovery app and photo recovery app deleted photos from a phone memory from a internal phone in a  storage. This is all the  contact backup and all the contact delete base of the file recovery apps for a android of file backup app of the video recovery after a delete video backup app of the app backup and the restore


Silent Eye - Catch your Friends, Read Daily Quotes, Send Message to unsaved numbers

Use Silent Eye and catch all the mobile intruders with ease. Try Now!

Silent Eye - Catch your Friends, Read Daily Quotes, Send Message to unsaved numbers

Use Silent Eye and catch all the mobile intruders with ease. Silent Eye app will ease your task of catching your friends and family while they try to access your mobile. Silent Eye will take a photo while someone tries to access your mobile with wrong PIN, Pattern or Password. You can catch the intruders red-handed using this app. It provides a lot more cool features.

automatically takes a photo while someone enters the wrong PIN, Pattern or Password.
2. Notification about wrong attempts while you unlock the phone lock screen.
3. Last Unlock Time feature will show you the previous lock screen unlock time. With that, you can easily find if someone used your mobile without your knowledge.

Other Features :

Open Whatsapp without saving contact -

If you want to send message without saving numbers to your contact for whatsapp chats and messages, here is an app for you.
Sometimes you want a contact to open in whatsapp and send message without saving into contact. This app let you send message to whatsapp number without saving the number.

Daily Quotes -
Start your day with an inspirational and motivation from thousands collection of amazing and unique quotes. You can set alarm from settings, download and share any quote with your family and friends.

You can't achieve anything in life without a motivational dose. This App is a FREE motivation app that gives you a new Motivational Quotes on a daily basis.
This awesome App contains thousands of hand-selected all types of Quotes from famous people that help you with your day success.
This app contains 50000+ Motivational, Inspirational and Success Quotes that starts your day with motivation.



Note: “This app uses the Device Administrator permission.” This app uses the "Monitor screen-unlock attempts" device admin permission to detect the wrong attempts in your mobile lock screen. Without permission, the app may not work properly.

Note: To Uninstall the app, please turn off intruder detection feature in the app and uninstall the app. Else, you can directly use the Uninstall option available inside the app menu.For Best View Please Open This Website In CHROME / OPERA Browser


Student does not have to go for different admissions now common online central admission process for all ITIs of Gujarat

 Student does not have to go for different admissions now common online central admission process for all ITIs of Gujarat

Ahmedabad, Tuesday | Central admission process will be carried out. Currently running government employment and ITI courses after Std. 10. Training Department Launches Online Registration Admission Process For All ITIs (Industrial Training Institutes) Of Gujarat | Has been done. From this year students from different years now like Degree-Diploma Engineering Common Online | No need to go for face to face admission in ITI.

As many as 1.50 lakh seats of more than 550 government, grant aided and private institutions will now be allotted online only.

| Employment of Gujarat Government and | Completed by the Employment Training Department, 6 ITIs of the state under the training department Admission process online and | Is. It has been decided to centralize the Industrial Training Institute at 1.5 lakh seats. Common will be filled with central admission process. (ITI) after Std At present Std. 10 of the department So far ITI's barely national level (NCVT) and | Launch of Admission Portal for Students | About one lakh seats were filled but from state level (GSVT) 150 Registration has also been started Now this Common Online Admission More Various Employment Oriented Courses and Admission Information Booklet also released | The process will fill the seats more and | Is executed. Last year | 


ધોરણ 10 પરિણામ બાબત ન્યુઝ રિપોર્ટ અહિથી વાંચો

In this regard, employment and | Students will have a lot of ease. For admission in ITI only front secretary of training department Anju | After registration the student's std. 10 in the online registration process Sharma said that online common | The result data also came online. I.e. student a | Student through Centralized Admission Process | Will be submitted automatically. | After registration in J ITI | Now push into different ITIs | You have to go face to face to get admission for ITI and course selection No need to eat. Only online There will also be mock rounds

And different for each organization Admission form will have online admission round in all ITIs in which | Forms of Rs. 20-30 have to be filled There will be an opportunity for admission. Currently in the state According to the selection and merit of the student Online meeting will be allotted.


Files by Google Superb android apps for mobile phone

Files by a Google Superb android apps for a mobile phone.

If you run out of the  storage on your phone, simply a transfer large files or a videos to your SD card if you have one. With a few clicks, you can be a clean up your phone and the  fully use in the SD card. That leaves to your internal storage free and to your phone faster.

 તમામ ધોરણ 1 અને 2 ના ભાષાના શિક્ષકોને પ્રારંભિક ભાષા શિક્ષણ ઓનલાઈન કૉર્સમાં DIKSHA ના માધ્યમથી જોડવા બાબત 

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

પ્રારંભિક ભાષા શિક્ષણ ઓનલાઈન કૉર્સમાં જોડાવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

પ્રારંભિક ભાષા શિક્ષણ ઓનલાઈન કૉર્સ બાબત લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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9.Devbhumi Dwarka


11.Chhota Udepur











22.Gir Somnath











Google on a Tuesday launched Files Go app for a Android users. This app of the Google can be a eliminate in the problem of the  memory full on your phone forever. With a File Go app, you can be a easily free up memory on the phone, easily a find and share a any files. The most important thing is that Google's in this will be also work offline
Read More:- OPS બાબતે આજનો વિડીયો જુઓ

Files app takes  a less than 10 MB of  the storage on your phone. And there is a no malware or a bloatware to the affect to your phone’s performance.

While a taking very little storage on your device, Files does three things in one:
1) Free up space - Clean  a junk files and cache, boost to your mobile phone or a tablet as you clean up the phone memory and the optimize to your smartphone performance.
2) Find  a files fast - Browse to your storage and find a everything fast without a being expert in a file management.
3) Share a files - Send a pictures, share a videos, transfer a large files or a app a p k s. All of this with a super fast speed with a rate up to the 480 Mbps over an a encrypted direct w i f i in a  network

Photos will be no longer have to be a deleted from in the phone
Android users can be a download a Google's Files Go app from the Google Play Store. While a launching in the app, Google said, 'Users are always worried about in their phone memory. From time to time, he keeps a deleting a lot of the  things from his phone. They always have to the think about what to keep in the phone and which to the  delete. We have been a testing in the Files Go app for a months and on an a average users have a saved up to the 1 GB of  the memory with this app and shared a many files with a others without a any data.

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