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Convert Videos Will Be Easy

Convert a Videos Will Be a Easy.

If you are looking for a lightweight and the  easy to use a video converter app for your iPhone, in this video converter app is a good. This app is a top-rated video conversion app available on the Apple Store and runs well on iPhone and iPad. It is a very easy to the convert videos with in this video converter app. Open the application. Select to your input file and choose your output format. After a selecting both, you can tap in the Convert button to the convert your video in a few seconds and your video will be a converted.

Compress option:

High a quality: This compression option uses in the X 264 codec to the compress to your video while a maintaining almost in the original video in a  quality.

Video bit-rate: Reset in the video bit-rate to compress in the video to a certain size.

As you may be have a guessed from the name, this application allows you to both convert and the  compress videos. It is a supports various video and audio file formats like AVI, 3 GP, M O V, M T S, MPEG, F L A C, A A C, MPG, M K V, MP 3, MP 4 etc. It is a provides many import options for a video / audio conversion. You can be a choose to the import any one of the input files from a device on the same WiFi / LAN network or a from your local directories, Photo app and the  Cloud. Video Converter and the  Compressor also give you some other features like a audio / video merging, compressing video to the right size etc.

Media Converter is the second best iOS application in this list, which can be a convert almost any video and the audio file. It can be a convert your videos to the  MP 4, M O V, 3 GP, 3 G 2, A S F, M K V, V O B, MPEG, W M V, F L V and AVI file formats. In a addition to the  regular video conversion, Media Converter also gives you some other features like a extracting audio from a video, opening video player, compressed file format etc.

The Video Converter

Video Converter and Compressor

Media Converter


MP 4 Maker

This is an a application that can be meet all your requirements for a file conversion. Guess what This application allows you to the convert files to the  almost all the file formats. As well as a video, audio, photos and PDFs. In a addition to the regular video and audio conversion, in the app supports batch conversion, allowing you to the convert video, audio, PDF and  the image in bulk. This is one of the best file in a conversion application you need to have.

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